Sunday, February 14, 2016


For 2nd Man...

...just because!

And Happy Valentines Day to all of you as well!

Don't forget, the book giveaway ends tonight at
midnight CST.

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  1. Very nice. Happy Valentines to you both

  2. Happy Valentines Day to the two of you! I often wish I had a husband who could cook great meals for me as 2nd man does for you. (We each have our talents, I guess.)

  3. and we love you both to the moon and back! so mathematically speaking - that would be 2men X 2love! look at me...i just made up a new mathematical thingy! bahahahahah! we are sending love to the both of you from the both of us!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  4. So Sweet.
    Wishing you both a Happy Valentine's Day as well and Oh, Happy Day to everyone else.

  5. Hope you both have a great Valentine's Day.

  6. True love. What a great testament. Happy day and lots of lovin.

  7. Love the sign.

    Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.


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