Saturday, February 27, 2016


I love this stylized image of a farm, if only it could be this colorful and orderly
ANOTHER day of cleaning up the house at the farm.  Let's see, this posts at 10am, so I will have been there for about 2 hours.

It will be another beautiful day (wish I could be outside doing stuff) and so the windows are open and I'll be tackling the kitchen and dining room and if I have time, the mudroom and porch.  

Let's hope for nothing creepy crawly in drawers or cabinets!
I'll be back late this afternoon and have some more posts.  And of course a longer post with more "before and after" photos soon.  

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!


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    1. Tomorrow (or is that "in the morning" now?). Thanks!!

  2. Enjoy this beautiful day even tho you will be working inside.
    In the meantime; here's something for a little read for that break you may take later.
    The Scorpion
    by Raold Dahl

    This is a really funny poem

    You ought to thank your lucky star
    That here in England where you are
    You'll never find (or so it's said)
    A scorpion inside your bed
    The scorpion's name is Stingaling,
    A most repulsive ugly thing,
    And I would never recommend
    That you should treat him as a friend.
    His scaly skin is black as black, Observe his scowling murderous face,
    His wicked eyes, his lack of grace,
    Note well his long and crinkly tail.
    And when it starts to swish and flail.
    Oh gosh! Watch out! Jump back, I say,
    And run till you're a mile away.
    The moment that this tail goes swish
    He has but one determined wish,
    He wants to make a sudden jump
    And sting you hard upon your rump
    "What is the matter, darling child?
    "Why do you look so tense and wild?"
    "Oh mummy, underneath the sheet
    "There's something moving on my feet,
    "Something horrid creepy crawly thing,
    "D'you think it could be Stingaling?"
    "What nonsense child! You're teasing me."
    "I'm not, I'm not! It's reached my knee!
    "It's going... going up my thigh!
    "Oh mummy, catch it quickly! Try!
    "It's on... it's on my bottom now!
    "It's...Ow! Ow-ow! Ow-ow! OW-OW!"
    The Scorpion:

    Creepy... crawly
    creepy... crawly
    creepy creepy, crawly crawly
    creepy creepy, crawly crawly

    Creepy... crawly
    creepy creepy, crawly crawly

    Creepy... crawly
    creepy creepy, crawly crawly

    (Sweep, sweep...)


    (George Micheal, The Police, The Who, The Scorpions, and Shirley Manson).

  3. Unfortunately we have to do what we need to do before we can do what we want to do - waiting for the pics.

  4. "Let's hope for nothing creepy crawly in drawers"
    Better yet let's hope they're not in your drawers drawer! HaHa

  5. When you complete your chores, I could use a hand.

    Enjoy your week.

    1. I'm worn out not sure how much use I'd be. I need the week rest between the cleanings, ha.

  6. haha Laffs at Mike's comment up there! I was thinking the same thing when you found the scorpion in the red bowl inside the drawer the other day. :D

    You could always open the windows and let the outside in! Enjoy your day spent out in the coutry!

    1. Was't that funny! Yep, check your drawers, in more ways than one! The outside was in, it was beautiful!!!

  7. Country (typo, sorry) : )


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