Sunday, February 7, 2016


It's time for a giveaway!
Enter once in the comments below.  
The giveaway ends Sunday, February 14, at 11:59pm.

Found this book recently as we were unpacking and realized that we can't have a tabletop garden at the apartment because the cats would think of it as an all you can eat buffet and we can't do it at the farm and not water it for a week so we decided to give it away.  

Here is the Amazon link if you'd like more information on the book:

The book is by author Janice Eaton.  Create a little garden paradise in every corner of your home and enjoy it year round.  Tips, illustrations and photos showing every step of how to create and assemble small gardens everywhere in your house using cuttings, seeds, rootings, etc.  

As always (and for those new to the blog) the rules are as follows:

We'd like you to be a friend of the farm" (we love having followers and Google recently deleted a bunch of them) but that's not required.  Please leave a comment here on this thread letting us know that you want to be entered.  Remember, be sure your name or your user name is on your comment so that we can have something to write down on the slips of paper when we have the drawing.  If two or three of you post as "anonymous", we can't know which "anonymous" wins if that is what is pulled.

The contest will run for one week, until 11:59pm, next Sunday night, the end of the weekend.  At that time, we'll randomly pick one winner, post the results and the winner will need to email us with their shipping address at that time.  

We'll ship your book directly to you within a few days.

Sorry, due to overseas shipping cost of a heavy book, giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents.
One entry per person.

Thanks and good luck!

(leave your request below, we don't reply to the comments here so we can just have a list of the names entered)



  1. I recently found your blog and I just love it. :) With dreams of one day being a rural dweller m'self (although Athens, GA isn't a big city by any means) you 2 are inspiring me to continue to work towards that goal. Happy Sunday!

  2. I absolutely love the Irish Spring/mice tale and can relate since I have had the exact same experience in a travel trailer. I m enjoying following your journey from the hustle and bustle of city life to the simple country life. Journey on my friends, journey on!

  3. Oh, Yes Please, do enter my name in the drawing. I'm always looking for more creative ways when it comes to planting and using things that I have laying around here or things I happen to find laying along the roadway some where.
    Thank you much for this great giveaway opportunity.
    Have a wonderful day.
    We're having about 30-35 mi. winds today :{ One of those; 'hang onto your hat' days. :}

  4. These would make lovely (short) bookshelf toppers as well; can't have them on table tops or the dogs would devour them. Please do enter me.

    --The Cranky

  5. that sounds like a beautiful idea, tabletop garden, my cats would have used it as a toilet after they ate the plants I'm afraid lol,,
    please don't add my name to the drawing, since we moved to the apartment I culled our books as well and now I just use the library for Ebooks, we just have so little space,
    more chance for someone else to win!!
    a wonderful giveaway!

  6. Sounds like a great book! Please enter me in the contest!
    George Booth

  7. Well, I would love my name to be thrown into the hat as well. That looks like a fanatic book. It reminds me of Thomas's succulent planter that he hung on the wall, which I found fascinating & have earmarked to give a try at some point. I've actually been much more conscientious when it comes to my indoor plants in the past few months & have even gained the confidence to add a few more to the mix - so far so good!

    1. Yeah...that should read "fantastic" book - although I suppose it would be good for indoor gardening fanatics as well :)

  8. I stumbled across your blog while researching raised beds for my upcoming city girl to rural princess transition and just love it! I'll keep checking back ... I think we may be neighbors so perhaps we'll bump into each other at the Walmart!

  9. Well, it looks good but it has to come with directions for keeping my two cats out of it. Molly cat has currently been digging in my herb pots that I brought in for the winter. I'm trying something with tin foil but I think she's winning.

  10. Please enter me for a chance to win the beautiful book. I've been talking to my hubby about getting some plants in our home. This book ought to convince him that it's a great idea.

  11. I'd love to be included in the chance to win that coffee table books and plants!

  12. Tabletop gardens sound like a wonderful idea for when we move in to the condo. Please enter me in your draw.

  13. I'd have hours of enjoyment from such a beautiful book! Please enter my name in the contest.

  14. As a city dweller, I get my country fix vicariously through your blog. I'd love a book on tabletop gardens to indulge my gardening desires.

  15. I really enjoy every post of this blog! You make my day!

  16. Looks like a beautiful book. So glad you let us know about it! Win or lose, I'll check it out for sure. :)

  17. Love the idea of the book. Since I currently don't have a pet maybe I could have plant pets!

  18. How did I miss this???? Put my name in the hat, please.