Saturday, February 20, 2016


We like wine.  

But we don't understand all the tasting and smelling notes.  When someone starts talking about tobacco, blackberries, lemon rinds and oaky barrels as a good thing, our minds think "ashtray and trashcan at an orchard"!  We just know what we like and what we don't like.  So occasionally we'll post a review, our own review, it might make you want it or not, you might have a totally different opinion, but hopefully it'll make you laugh.  

It's all good fun right...?

Rib Shack Red wine review

During our "STEAKSGIVING" celebration a couple of months back, we (of course), had grilled steaks.  When I went to the store and the guy asked about the wine I was looking for, I told him we were having grilled steaks.  He said "for Thanksgiving?"  Hey, don't judge!  I told him it was for "Steaksgiving" and after describing it, he laughed and said he understood. 

He directed me to this variety.  It is a blend, meaning it's a combination of wines, in this case Pinotage and Shiraz (not even sure what that first one is but it sure sounds foo foo doesn't it?).  Hey, they even sound fancy as a blend don't they?  

Pardon me but do you have any Grey Poupon? 

This bottle cost $9.89 on sale.

Ribshack Red 2014 Blend Review
It was a good wine.  The color was a rich purple, almost the color of a rare cut of meat. The first sip is surprising because it really is kind of smoky.  I'm sure there is a 'note' that goes along with that in official tasting circles but it really did seem like liquid smoke.  Not that I've guzzled liquid smoke but if you could condense down that aroma that comes from a rack of BBQ ribs after they've been grilled, this would be it.  We could even tell that it was spicy (some things are obvious even if you don't know all the right descriptions).  There is no doubt this was created to add a little something to your BBQ/grilled dinner and that it does.  It's also very smooth after you drink it, no harsh after affects...unless of course you consume too much, well then, we all know how that ends...ahh college...but I digress.


Um...grill smoke, robots, thunder and lightning!


A good steak, BBQ sauce (but not mixed together), Transformers the Movie (but only the first one), and of course, friends and family.


We enjoyed it, and when we grill or have BBQ again, we'll definitely consider this one.  As an everyday wine though, we feel it would only go best with its namesake...BBQ/grilling.


Colleen said...

My husband isn't much of a wine drinker so very seldom do I buy a bottle of wine due to the fact that I can't drink a whole bottle but when I do buy wine, I usually buy Riunite Lambrusco.
Afraid to try something new in fear I may not like it and then it's wasted unless I cook with it; so basically I stick to something that I know I will like. I do like a good glass of wine every now and then.
I still have an unopened bottle of a dessert wine that I probably have had for 8-10 years now. Was given to me cause they knew that I liked the blue wine bottles.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love wine a little too much though i rarely drink it anymore. i've never really enjoyed red that much though.

Alison said...

Being a fan Pinot Noir as a whole, I was curious to see what Pinotage is. The Wikipedia article is fascinating. I'm going to ask for this wine next time I'm out eating steak. Thanks guys!

US Veteran said...

OK, you need to know that I went to the store yesterday and bought this wine based on your review (love the 'non serious/honest' reviews by the way). It was wonderful with our dinner! We had barbecue ribs. Thank you!

Texas Rose said...

Great review! I like your use of non-technical terms.

1st Man said...

LOL, I understand, it's all a crapshoot to us too. But we're willing to risk it. But just like you, when we find one we really like, we buy it over and over, ha. We usually only have wine on the weekends.

1st Man said...

I'm not a big red fan, prefer white much more, but I'm finding a few reds that I do enjoy.

1st Man said...

Well, ok, I'm going to check that link out. Glad we helped!!! :-)

1st Man said...

Wow, thanks for that endorsement. You made us smile. Now if the winery is reading this, send us a bottle, ha!!!

1st Man said...

LOL, hey we can't take these things too seriously, right? ;-)