Sunday, July 24, 2016


I don't know why, but I've always found this interesting.  It's hay baling season around the farm...and we just love to see the fields around us filled with these...

They almost seem to be like some sort of communication attempt...

Like "morse code" in a field that can only be seen from the air...

The machine that does it is fascinating too...

The are all lined up and ready to be scattered around the pasture...

The fields around us are full of them...

Ready for some hungry livestock!


  1. I have always enjoyed seeing hay bales in the local farm fields; I'd like to watch that machine in action!

  2. bay hales! i love them too. i have some on my blog today too. i see them as one of the first signs of fall.

  3. Love the smell of fresh cut hay.

  4. Around here the farmers wrap them in pale blue, pink or white plastic so they look like enormous marshmallows.

  5. When did we step away from square bales? Which are becoming increasingly rare here too. They stacked so well...

  6. I do like hay bales, but at a distance because of allergies. They always seem to mysteriously appear. Like Elephant's Child, I wonder about the square bales and why they are no more.

  7. I always liked to watch the farmers make hay. I live in town now so I don't get to watch anymore. It always marked the ending of summer for me.I am glad someone still gets to watch. Catherine in south MS


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