Sunday, July 31, 2016


Most every Sunday, we try to post an image of old posters that we find during online surfing.  We enjoy the ones that reflect farming, gardening and/or food preservation and rationing.  We enjoy them because we often wonder if anyone today would heed the kind of advice they gave back then...enjoy!

Keep Earth Ours, Buy War Bonds - Vintage poster image courtesy of Wikicommons
Here is a WWII poster image that urged everyone to buy war bonds when they went to the market.  Love the "Good Earth Keep it Ours", which sounds kind of like something we'd hear today but if you think about it, they were wanting people to buy war bonds so that we could fund the war and win the war, thus keeping the Earth "ours" instead of allowing it to fall to the enemy.  

Of course, that farmer looks like he could beat us up at any moment...LOL!

Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. Great poster.
    I'd say the wind was a blowing pretty good there and that farmer don't look at all very happy. Looks mad enough to fight a grizzly bear :}

    1. He does look pretty angry huh? HA! And in that wind, his hat is still on his head, LOL!

  2. If only we concentrated more on farming and less on war bonds...

    1. Such a valid point. Imagine if we had concentrated on farming from then up until now?

  3. Replies
    1. He apparently DOES work out doesn't he? HA!!!!!!


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