Monday, July 25, 2016


Yep, it was hot Saturday...

 Our first day of the season with 100 (or higher) official temperature...When I got ready to leave, the outside temp was 103 degrees.  At 4pm.

Even the curious cows stayed in the shade, probably wondering why I was dumb enough to be out in the sun...

There was mowing, which even though I normally enjoy, it can be just a bit hot to do at this time of year.  I got it all mowed and it looks nice again.  With rain in the forecast this week, it might be perfect timing.  There was a downside though, the battery seems to be acting up.  Not sure if it's the heat or what.  It started before I took it out of the shed (I always start it up first to make sure).  I stopped it, rolled it out, let it sit there for a bit while I filled it up with gas and then it wouldn't start.  I pushed it back in, messed around with it a bit, let it sit while "I" took a break in the shade and it started up.  I rolled it out again, mowed and turned it off twice more to take breaks. The last time though, it wouldn't start at all.  After it had sat in the sun for about 30 minutes.  I brought the battery back into town and will test it.  

Ugh, I hate these kinds of problems...

2nd Family's dogs, "Blue" (on the left) and newest member "Ruben" (on the right) came to visit and were seemingly oblivious to the heat.  They ran and between drinks of water of course (we keep a large bowl of water for them when we are there since they come up to visit).

We kept dinner simple for a change.  Our own version of tostadas.  Tostadas covered with refried beans, a fried egg, topped with cheese and baked in the oven until the cheese melts and then topped with avocado.  And salsa when the mood strikes.  Quiet was a good time to do stuff inside where it's cooler.

And it's not even August yet...


  1. tell me about it. i could scream. endless days in the 90's with high humidity. i've had it!

  2. You turned on the oven when it was 103 degrees?! You could melt cheese in the sun at that temp. It has rained every day in our county but never here. The humidity and high to mid 90s is killing me.

    Walk slow [sic] amd stay in the shade.

    1. LOL, the apartment was quite cool, ha. And the oven was only on for 10 minutes, tops. The humidity is SO horrible. I think it's the worst part of our Summers. You stay cool too!!

  3. Hope you wear big brimmed hat, long sleeves andlegs ... and plenty of sun screen.

    1. You got it! I have a wide straw hat, a long sleeve shirt, and pants. And some sunscreen on my face and neck.

  4. I would be imitating the cows. Again. Perhaps the people who call me a cow know something...

    1. Now now, ignore those people and listen to the cows. That's what I do. I think some livestock are smarter than some people I've seen on TV lately ha.

  5. Heat is unbearable for a little old lady.
    I canned 8 - 1/2 pints of Candied Jalapenos; thanks to recipe that was posted and made homemade bread in early morning before it gets too hot.
    Few things to consider about your mower. The battery should still be good considering you just replaced it.

    once the engine is too hot it might be creating the right air/fuel mixture to start or fuel filter might be just plugged a little and the pumping of the fuel gets a kind of negative pressure like suction so no fuel moves into the carb.; OR; Hot start problems are almost always valve related. As the engine heats the valve grows a few thousands thus not closing 100%. Here's a test next time it's cold pull it over to gage how strong your compression is, then when it's hot and you shut it down now pull it over and gage how strong your compression is.

    My guess is that you have much more compression when cold than when hot... valve problem.
    Solution; make sure valve lash is to spec when cold. This is a fairly technical ordeal but basically on the older style flat head engines you have to remove a small amount from the valve stem end to make sure your valve lash is to spec. You'll have to look up the spec and measure it.
    It's called vapor lock. Basically an air bubble from the heat.
    It's most likely a vapor lock or your ignition coil or magneto might be going bad. If its vapor lock letting it cool down for 15 minutes to half an hour should let it restart. If its a coil or magneto winding that's getting hot it could take a couple of hours to cool down before it restart.

    Try starting it without the choke when it's hot/warm. The engine needs choked only when cold to add more fuel to the mix. In other words it needs "enriching". When the engine is warm it doesn't need enriching and if you use the choke you'll "flood" the carburetor with fuel (make it too rich) and the engine won't start for a few minutes until the excess fuel evaporates.
    Also might want to check the fuel cap and make sure the vent hole isn't plugged up.
    Check your spark plug. It may be oil fouled or worn out.
    Hope you find the solution to your mower. Best of luck.

    1. I have no words. Well, one. WOW. You continue to amaze me. Can I come stay with you for a month and learn everything? LOL! THANK YOU!


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