Sunday, May 28, 2017


Regular blog readers know that we are big race car fans, NASCAR mainly but when there is a race like the Indy 500, well, we have to watch that.  
It's an American institution.

Indianapolis 500 is first up, already on as this posts.  Amazing what these cars can do at 225mph.

And after that race ends, a couple hours later is one of the biggest NASCAR races of the year, the Coca-Cola 600, six hundred miles around the track.  

It's a good day for staying in, the weather is iffy and my muscles are sore.  Yesterday was a good day until the end when I dropped my phone, face down onto concrete and shattered the glass:  

Other than than this, sigh, I got the yard mowed and edged, harvested some more veggies, and most importantly, got the smaller storage unit cleared out and brought to the barn.

Update posts on all that later!  
For now we're off to the races (on TV, ha!)

I'm the one in the straw hat, LOL!


  1. After all you did, I am sure a little couch potato entertainment with your couch potato friend is well-deserved. Building in fun after hard work is the way to go.

    There are made protectors that have military specs to protect your phone. Have you seen them? I intend to get one for my phone. In the meantime, I have a Samsung Rugby flip phone that is a military spec phone. It can be dropped or thrown with no damage.

    Clearing out the unit gives you a bit more funds to spend on the garden! Yay you.

  2. Happy Memorial Day weekend.
    We have been having a very fine mist of rain all day which started early this morning.
    Sorry to hear about your phone. Be good idea to get a screen protector.

  3. We have companies over here that specifically just change iPhone and iPad glass fronts. They are not associated with Apple so are much cheaper and quicker. Depending on which model of iPhone. Might be worth doing a search.

  4. Love those couch potatoes!! :) I hope y'all enjoyed your race day.
    Too bad about your phone. When I first saw the cracked design, I thought you had taken a picture of the sky though a spider web.

    I've been canning for several days. And canning is on the calendar for the next several days. Strawberry-fig jam, 2 kinds of pickles, pickled squash, and picante sauce - gotta put all that garden produce to good use. Also, one of your readers suggested sweet pickle relish. I found a recipe in the Ball Blue Book, edition 37, page 89. So I am going to put that on my list to try.
    I am looking forward to a bit cooler weather with the upcoming rain for the next few days.

  5. Hope you enjoyed the race. I fell asleep about half way through.

  6. "in the mean time" ... when I had this happen to my iphone, I put clear 2" packing tape across the front ... it could still feel my finger and worked OK till I got around to going to the apple store for a new glass ... about $99.00 I think... bummer ... I hate when something like this happens... but butter than when an old phone flipped out of my "holster" i was using and went in the toilet .. boy ... talking about making quick decisions!!!


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