Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Here are my Dad's workshop items that I kept after his death.  I had quite a few tools I had already taken either in town or the farm but these were the big items that we kept in storage because we had no space for them.  For years.  It was time to stop paying for storage now that we have the place for it.  There were other items in this storage unit too, mostly holiday decorations, boxes of books, junk, etc.  

We donated a lot, kept some, and gave away more.  

Once we got it down to just these few large items, on Saturday we had movers come to pick them up, follow us to the farm and put them in the barn.

Tool Cabinet
First up, here is my Dad's tool chest.  I should have opened a few drawers to show you, it is full from top to bottom with all manner of saws and screwdrivers and wrenches and chisels and hammers and a few things that I honestly just don't even know what they are, ha.  But now I will have time to go through them and organize it all.  

Vintage drafting table
This is a large, very old, solid oak drafting table.  Interesting story behind this.  When I was little (like 7 or 8) we lived in Rhode Island and this was in the basement of the house we rented.  My Dad asked the owner if he could have it and the owner said sure, it was left behind by another tenant once upon a time and they didn't want it.  Dad cleaned it up and it went with us every time we moved from then on.  It's a drafting table, we believe from about the 1940's.  There are a couple of drawers, a wide shallow one and a smaller deep on on the side (this pic is from the back) and of course it moves up and down at any angle for drafting/drawing.  When I was little and liked to draw, I thought this was the coolest thing ever.  Now I'll get to draw whenever I want, ha.  

Air compressor
Dad got this from his job once upon a time.  It's a heavy duty air compressor.  They were throwing it away so he brought it home (hmm, wonder where I got that from? LOL!), painted it, fixed it up and (at the time it went into storage) it worked perfectly.  I'll have to get "R" from 2nd Family to help with this when we get electricity to the barn.  Since it sat for a few years unused, we're not sure if it will need some more work but we'll see later this Fall.

Delta Midi-Lathe
And this was one of Dad's later purchases and he was making some really cool things on it.  It's a lathe for turning wood.  He was making bowls and salt cellars and spindles and wooden cooking tools and all sorts of neat stuff.  Of all of his tools, this is the one I wanted to keep because it is something I'd love to learn someday.  He even built this wheeled stand for it with an extension arm on the side that lifts up and has places for chisels/tools.  There's even a light mounted on it to make it easier to see what you're working on.

We still have the workbench to show you but I'll make a separate post for that because I took a lot of pictures.  All of this is in the barn now.  It's a bit crowded but only because we need a taller ladder to reach the lofts and put up the storage items.  Christmas/Halloween decorations, etc.  We thought our ladder would reach the lofts in the barn but it's a tad bit short and would be a bit dangerous to stand on the top step.  Then I need to just organize things. I think we're going to need some shelving, cabinets, pegboard, etc but that will have to come when the weather cools down later this year.

One more accomplishment!


Colleen said...

How wonderful to have items that your dad once owned.
That drafting table is Awesome. Who ever built it done a wonderful job and was good in woodworking.
If you don't have a label maker, you should get yourself one and label your tool box drawers once you get it organized. Helps in the long run knowing what is in each drawer; providing everything is put back in it's place but with the drawers labeled it makes it much easier on which goes in what drawer.
Nice air compressor. That will come in very handy
Would love to see pictures of your unknown tool items. Honestly, for a female, I love the old tools. When I go to the Antique Mall, that is one of the first booth's I head for just to see what I can find that is different and unique .

Katie C. said...

I live in Northern Virginia. There is a franchised chain store called Woodcraft. My (retired) guy has a part time job there. I call it the boys' club ;-). Anyway, his store offers woodworking classes, everything from shop safety, turning pens, bowls through furniture making. There's also a "date night" class that's very popular. You should check your area for something similar. Then, maybe, you could use your dad's lathe *safely*! Plus it's fun?

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i just loved seeing all of this. my father was a wood worker and had all kinds of tools. it was my job to know what each one was and get it for him quickly when needed. i love how your dad built the notched area into the lathe stand so pieces wouldn't roll when he was running the lathe. smart guy!

Rain said...

That is all so wonderful! What great gifts he left you! I'm envious of the air compressor I have to say! :) Congratulations on getting all of that accomplished.

Janie Junebug said...

Learning wood working will be way cool. A friend of my son's makes beautiful things. I seem to remember an air compressor from a movie. In No Country For Old Men, I think the bad guy uses an air compressor to kill people and to knock the locks off of doors. Not that you have any murderous plans.



FionaG said...

What did your Father do for a crust? Carpenter? So many wonderful tools tucked away for so long. It must be wonderful finally having them at home.

Jason and Michelle said...

That drafting table is beautiful!
I thinks it's great your dad made wooden bowls and things with that lathe.

Texas Rose said...

You have some wonderful things from your Dad. It must feel so good to now have them in a place where you can explore and enjoy them. Do you have any of the things that your Dad made with them?

Sandy said...

1t Man,

Now those are some really awesome tools and tool box. Your Dad was a very talented man. I can see why you kept every piece, and moved them to the farm. You will be able to use all of these items out at your farm. In time, you'll have that compressor up and working....trust me it comes in handy with tractor tires, wheel barrow tires, wagon tires, and even vehicle tires. And then you can set up air pressured tools to help on your farm. Keeping family memories alive :-)

1st Man said...

Oh, we do have a label maker, that's a good idea! never thought about that (heck even dad didn't think about that). Plus I will organize them the way I want to. Air compressor was questionable keep or sell but I think it could really come in handy someday so it stayed in the keep pile, ha. I will share pics when I get around to that (probably this fall when the weather is cooler, ha). Too funny, my Mom loved looking for old tools for my Dad just to have some old things as well. Great minds!!

1st Man said...

That's a great idea! I never thought about that. Might be a fun way to learn. Thank you!! And yep, I would definitely get some guidance before using it.

1st Man said...

Aww, thank you! Wait till you see his workbench. I wasn't living at home by the time he took up woodworking so I didn't expand beyond screwdrivers and wrenches, ha.

1st Man said...

It's funny what people are drawn too. Yep the compressor was a maybe keep or not but won out in the end. Can't wait to use it someday. :-)

1st Man said...

Shh, don't tell anyone......... ;-)

I would love to learn about woodworking and make some cool stuff. Great way to enjoy time off.

1st Man said...

Ha, it might seem like carpenter but nope. He was sales most of his life, a bit of engineering later but the woodworking was always an offshoot of his hobbies. He built and flew LARGE radio controlled planes and designed his own. He built his own small fishing boat in the garage once. Then in later years is when he really started getting into the furniture building and making small wooden items. All self taught.

Yep, they're all home again! Dad would have LOVED this barn/workshop. Well, the space it has I'll have to make sure I clean it up and organize nicely.

1st Man said...

Thanks, I love the drafting table. Once it's all cleaned up (and the barn is arranged, ha) I'll get some good pictures. I hope to use the lathe eventually for the same thing.

1st Man said...

I am VERY happy to have them together. I need to get a picture of my dad to put in the workshop. And yep, I have several things I will definitely take some pics, thanks for that info.

1st Man said...

That's what I was thinking about, the tires for sure, seems everything has a tire on it out there, ha. And he had some air pressure tools I will have to get out and check as well. Thank you!!!

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

Those are some great pieces! I'm certain there must be many stories and memories for each one. Now you can make memories while extending your Dad's legacy.