Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Last weekend we were able to harvest some herbs that we have growing in random spots around the outside of the house.

Lots of mint
In the corner flowerbed between the two sets of porch stairs, we planted some mint a couple of years ago.  In the hard freeze Winter we had, they died, to the ground.  Thought they were gone for good.  But as the old axiom about mint goes, you really can't kill this stuff!  It came back like crazy. 

I love when I use the weedeater around that part of the flowerbed, it smells so good, ha.

Fresh mint
I cut some to bring back into town.  Great use for a random Mason jar, and instant vase and best of all, this size fits in the cup holders in the car.

Fresh rosemary
Also cut some rosemary and brought it back.  Again, another Mason jar vase to bring it back easily.  

Any suggestions for LOTS of mint and rosemary (besides the obvious, ice tea and potatoes, ha)!


  1. Some beautiful picks from the Farm! I bet your car smelled so clean and fresh on the way home.

    Wow, I never realized how versatile mint is until I read several articles. Uses: In butter, salad dressing, hot cocoa, to make mint chocolate chip cookies; as a bug repellent; for congestion, nausea, headache, or sunburn, for a spa bath, hiccup cure. Etc.

    15 Uses for Mint

    10 Uses for Mint

    21 Uses for Mint

    Another herb super hero for: Pest control, hair restorative and growth, air freshener, enhances brain function, reduces stress, antibacterial and antimicrobial, relieves cough and congestion; in a marinade, as skewers. Etc.

    39 Delicious Things To Do With Rosemary

    26 Impressive Benefits Of Rosemary

    7 Unique Uses For Rosemary You May Not Know About

  2. I love my fresh herb garden! I plant them every year on my patio!

  3. nice pumper crop. I have learned the hard way by not planting mint in the ground as it can be Very invasive. I now plant my mint in containers. A couple of years ago I had such a good crop of mint that I made mint jelly.
    Rosemary; I have 2 different varieties; but only my spreading / creeping rosemary I will just let it grow and wait for it to bloom.

    Storms; Had more move in yesterday; early evening. Some places received damage and had hail anywhere from golf ball size - baseball size along with winds up to 70mph along with heavy showers. We received some wind but not anywhere of the 70mph winds that some north & east of us received. Heat index yesterday...…….108 deg. (Ideal weather for severe storms)


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