Sunday, June 9, 2019


Wow it is hot this weekend.  94 degrees with a feels like of 101.  Ugh.

I didn't mow, it was a bit too wet from Thursday and Friday rains but it hadn't grown that much. I checked the stuff drying in the barn. This is the garlic and it's drying up nicely. After I took this picture I decided to spread them a bit further apart and put up some more nails in the rafters to spread them out.

Of course I couldn't help myself, I had to steal one to bring back into town so we could cook with it.  Still a bit moist around the paper husk but drying well. 

The wheat is also drying well.  This is just one stack of three.  Not sure what we'll do with all of it but it'll be fun to figure out.

I was taking a break and noticed a weed growing up between the porch floor boards.  I guess that's why weeds have been around forever.  They find a way.

Have had several little green frogs hanging around on the porch the last few weeks.  This one was on some cardboard that was on the porch.  As frogs go, they are pretty cute.

Today, we are just staying inside where it's cool.  And doing like Hobart.  Just resting.  

And/or possibly napping.

Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. It was 87 here, a very warm day but I was trying to finish putting in the garden, it's been so cold lately that everything is behind.

  2. Your garlic and wheat are drying very well. You’ll have lots of great cooking and fun projects with them.
    I love frogs – that is such a cute one. They always seem to come out more when it rains.
    Hope y’all took Hobart’s example and caught up on your rest and had a very relaxing day today.

  3. I think Hobart had has a good idea.
    Your garlic and wheat look fantastic.
    'A frog went a-courtin'

  4. Hey! I see in the spam before my comment that you should "never legally marry an American woman." I wonder how you illegally marry an American woman. At least it doesn't say that you can't marry the man you love. It's so hot and humid here, too. One summer a few years ago almost every night when I went out on my deck with the dogs a sweet little frog was hiding in a dark spot next to the door. I was sad when he disappeared.


  5. I can imagine the joy of chickens if that wheat were thrown to them.


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