Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Vampires beware...it was time for...

Raised bed garlic harvest
...the Great Garlic Harvest of 2019, ha.  I figured I better get them out of the ground before the monsoon rains and because they were turning brown.  The general rule of thumb that we've read about (and what I did last year) was as soon as the lower 1/3 or so of leaves were brown and dry, it's time to harvest. 

I don't pull them up of course, that could damage the bulbs.  It's easier to take a small shovel (or your hands) loosen the soil around each head and then gently lift them out of the ground.  

Since garlic can sunburn, I put the cart in the shade as I harvested them. 

Rubbermaid cart with garlic harvest
Once I filled up the trusty Rubbermaid garden cart with the harvest, I headed to the workshop.  I opened the doors and back window and there was actually a nice breeze blowing through (this was two Saturday's ago, not a couple days ago when it was mid-90's, ha).  

Twine and scissors
I sorted them and got the twine out and bundled them all up.

Garlic drying
We had left the nails up from last year's harvest and so I just put them right back up in the same spot as last time.  Why mess with a good thing?  We should only have to let them cure for a couple more weeks.

You have to wait until all the green has turned brown.  It would be fun to braid them but I need to read up on that.  It might be easier to just sort the heads and keep them in storage, especially since we have so many and will be giving some away.


  1. You done good having a nice garlic crop just like last year.

  2. I think 2nd Man is going to be making some fantastic and delicious creations with that harvest!

  3. i wish i had planted some garlic! i seem to never have enough.

  4. Another great garlic harvest in the books! You have definitely cracked the code for growing garlic!

  5. Nice! I didn't know that you cure them until the greens turn brown, thank you! I only planted a few bulbs and they are coming up now, I have them in a pot this year. Do you find that home grown garlic is sharper in taste? I found that last year.

  6. Never had trouble with sunburn. I'd lay the to dry on garage floor for some days them clean off.


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