Monday, June 17, 2019


Friday was a nice day to work in the yard.  Yes, I took the day off because we had plans for Saturday and Sunday was a chance of storms.  The grass hadn't been mowed in a couple of weeks so it definitely needed it.  

It was a bit quicker than usual, by about 20 minutes.  I guess I had the wind at my back, ha. 

I also edged with the weedeater.  I have said it before and I'll say it again, it's not my most favorite thing to do but when I'm done it's my favorite thing to look at.  It's always amazing how trimming around the beds, the house, the shed building, etc just makes it all look so clean and tidy.

Above are the fruit trees behind the house.  Good for another few weeks I suppose, ha. 

Remember the ongoing saga of the road in front of our property?  Last weekend it had "fresh oil" put down?  Well the advantage of going out on the weekend is we get to see the difference as it changes.  Now we have the first coat of asphalt!  Next they put a second one and then they'll stripe.  It should be nice when it's finished.  Now we need to get someone to clear our ditch again (it's too "curved" for our mower to do it).  The county did it last time so we might have to hire this out.

 Now this is what rolled through last night.  The storms woke us up in downtown Houston with the rain and thunder.  Pretty severe for some areas around us and lots of rain for most everyone.

Not sure yet how much at the farm but we're thinking a good two to three inches of rain.  Nice for the trees and yard so we'll take it.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. we didn't get our yard mowed but yours sure does look nice.
    Maybe once your road is finished the county may come around and mow the ditch area again.
    I had seen that the storms that we had was moving down towards the Houston area. Damage in some area around and some without power...…..again. The wind was terrible which caused most of the damage around. We had some minor damage from the winds but nothing really serious. I think we where at the tail end of the storms cause further north into Arlington and east got it much worse.

  2. your place looks great! we've been getting lots of rain. did you ever figure out what's eating your fruit?

  3. The land looks very nice. I am hoping we will get a bit of rain this week so I don't have to water anything but the flowers.

  4. Everything neat and tidy again! Your fruit tree area looks wonderful and all the trees are growing well.
    Your newly paved road looks great. It’s going to be so much nicer to drive on.
    County roads are usually mowed several times a year by the county. So your front ditch area should get taken care of by that.
    It was a dark and really stormy night! It rained and the wind blew and I thought the storms were over. Then later, a second storm announced its arrival with several huge booms – wow!

  5. Maybe if you call and nicely ask how often they mow it, they will come do it before you have to pay. It all looks very nice.

  6. You know, if you where to get some rain barrels and / or water stock tanks and by adding rain gutters to your sheds and to the back of your house you would be able to collect A Lot of water for you to water your fruit trees, potted plants etc.

    We put rain gutters up on our sheds; got a couple stock tanks @ Tractor Supply and we are now collecting water. Sure does help. We got around 1/2 of rain in our rain gauge the other day but in our 150 gal. tank, it filled it 1/2 full just from the runoff from 1 of our sheds.


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