Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After my recent introduction to the magazine Country Living by my friend Kelly, I've been on the lookout for magazines that would be filled with articles related to our new adventures.

The other day, I ran across this magazine:
Hobby Farm Home Magazine
This one is great.  It's the perfect combination of recipes, gardening, and farm living.  Lots of great ideas, tips, tricks.  For example, recent issues have covered making your own olive oil, canning tricks, make your own sewing kit, raising bees and harvesting honey, heirloom vegetables, homemade soap, aromatherapy, chickens, even collecting vintage cake stands....the list goes on and on.
Just a fun magazine to give you lots of ideas on having and living in a farm home.
Here is the link to their website if you'd like to check it out.

It's put out by the makers of Hobby Farms magazine, this one is just skewed more toward home life on the farm, instead of running a farm business.

I do believe we'll be subscribing to this one soon, it will be the perfect compliment to Country Living.

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Kelly said...

Too funny. I was just thinking of you when i got a free copy of Living the Country Life in the mail. It had a great article on wildflower gardens. I will forward it on to you and check out this other magazine. I happen to like cake stands ;)

By the way - been in the 90s here, and no air conditioning.....