Saturday, July 23, 2011


I stumbled upon this photo while surfing the Internet, and I visited their website.
I just thought it was such a cool idea, spreading gardening awareness to people everywhere, that I should
give them some publicity.

Here is the WEBSITE.

Two guys set about proving that fresh veggies could be grown just about anywhere, and they decided that the "anywhere" could even be a 1986 Dodge Pickup truck.

CLICK HERE to visit our YouTube Channel where I have the video linked.

It was a huge success and they made a film of it.  I'm definitely going to have
to look for a copy of it.  Should be fascinating viewing.

If you visit the website, you can see a short trailer of the film to see what they did and how and why they did it.

We wish them well in all their endeavors and thank them for bringing gardening to more people.

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Joe said...

What an incredible idea. Thanks for finding out about that for us.