Friday, April 11, 2014


Wild crinum
I didn't get a Feline Friday picture up this morning because we were working late last night on a project for this weekend, but more on that later.  For now, I wanted to get these pictures up, some wildflower photos we snapped recently.

I believe this one is called a crinum, but I'm not 100% sure.  They are growing in wet ditches along the roads around the farm.  Above is one of them blooming.  Below is what a whole bunch of them look like in a mass.  They are incredibly beautiful for something that just randomly pops up in the Spring.

I wish I could dig some up and put them around the farm 'on purpose', but I don't think it works that way, ha.

Wild crinum in roadside ditch


  1. I have two plants that look like this at the end of my amaryllis bed. I dug them out of the ditch of the vacant lot next door and they've been doing fine for several years. I would plant them in their own separate grouping though, as they look kind of shaggy next to the amaryllis plants.

  2. You should be able to dig some up and plant them in other locations. They look like day lillies. I have some that are orange and my mother called them tiger lillies. I dug them up out of my grandmother's yard over 50 years ago and everytime we moved I took some with me. When they bloom I always think of my grandmother.

  3. 1st Man,

    No it doesn't work that way. They're beautiful flowers, I can imagine you can purchase seeds over the internet. I've purchased all kinds of blue bonnet seeds, I can't wait for them to bloom :-)

  4. Oh you could very well dig them up. They're bulbs, Just be careful where you dig so you don't split them, but you can absolutely move them.

  5. You can move bulbs, any kind as far as I know. I have dug bulbs and brought here. Even the bulbs I split made new flowers. But, the goal is not to split them. Those would look nice in their own little spots. Try it, at least.

    If you order then over the internet, they will sell you bulbs.

  6. I agree with Practical Parsimony. They're bulbs. I've "gathered" plenty of wildflower bulbs over the years with 100% success. If you grab the ball of the dirt around the bulb it prevents the plant from going into shock. You should try it at least! Good luck!

  7. I have dug some crinums up before and transplanted them. As long as you water well and keep them moist they will do fine. Be warned however that the bulb root can sometimes be as big as a football so dig further around it than you think.

  8. Oh My! These are wildflowers!? They are beautiful. I'd go ahead and dig some up and plant them...just my two cents...I have lots of "repurposed" plant material here at the ranch. These would be just too pretty to pass up. Good luck!


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