Sunday, April 27, 2014


This is's from WWII, circa 1945 and was written by President Harry Truman.  He called on every American to help increase the Nation's food supply, coming at it from an interesting perspective.

No waste, growing gardens, preserving, etc.  I love the last line..."there can be no lasting peace in a hungry world".  How nice if more people today followed this mantra.  Hunger is such a worldwide problem, and it's even in our own country, it would be nice to have a campaign like this.

Yesterday was a pretty good day at the farm.  The tiller died, and might be dead for good, ugh, so I wasn't able to get the holes dug for the flowering trees along the driveway.  But I got the garden weeded (not many) and the squash planted, and even planted a couple of rose bushes. 

Back out there again today!  More later!


  1. My grandparents had a victory garden and preserved everything we needed for an entire year. This was done in town on a side lot to their home. We need another movement that is larger for the food deserts in the U.S. I'm sure there are empty lots in these areas that can be gardened. Our small city has urban gardens all over and they are shared and free as well. They host seminars to help the beginners. Even my daughter that uses a wheelchair has a spot just for her and her roommates that is raised! What a great way to get everybody involved.

    1. Oh my gosh, we feel the same way!!! I love the idea of Victory Gardens and they could do so much good today. I had hopes that the President would lead something like a renewal of that when I saw them reopen the White House garden and while they do talk often about fresh food and growing it, it's not the movement it should be, or COULD be.

      What a great thing that your city does. There are a few, very few, like that in Houston but so many lots with so much potential.

      Thanks for sharing!!


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