Friday, April 4, 2014


When it got cold in the Winter, all three cats loved tolerated each other for a few fleeting hours. This pile of fur is Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart, the three kings of the household.

Can't say as I blame them, they did get nice and warm.  We always like to stick our hands in between them while we are petting them, it's amazing how much heat they can generate like that.  Of course in Summer, it's each to his own.

Friday is here, and it's raining.  Boo!  
More this afternoon!


  1. They are adorable! Love the caption. Send some rain this way............we are really dry and need some!! Hope it drys and gets sunny for you soon! blessings, Kathleen

    1. Thank you, you are always so kind. It was dry for a few days, then rainy today. I hope you are getting some rain soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Fuzzy kitty tummies are the best!! Until they start kicking with their back legs, ha.

  3. I have been stalking for a while so thought it was time to comment!
    Love the Australian names!!
    We have had some rain too over the last couple of days which has been so good as I want to plant some winter veggies & the ground has been very dry. It has been a very hot summer. Enjoy yours when it comes.

    1. We love stalkers, ha. No worries. Yep, Australia is one place on Earth I would love to visit and probably even live. the first kitty was mine, I brought him into the family, ha. I named him Sydney for Australia of course. Then we found the second as a tiny abandoned kitten, and thought that we should continue the Australia naming system so we chose Brisbane. Then the third one came along and had he been a "she", the name was going to be Adelaide. Alas, it was a boy so we looked at a list of cities and he just seemed like a "Hobart".

      Winter for you is coming huh? Yep, we will be in Summer soon. And I am certain it will be hot.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!


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