Thursday, April 17, 2014


Flowers along fence line, image via
A 'two-fer' today.  While the above photo looks like this person's property needs to be mowed a bit (I should talk, LOL!), we like the idea of the flowers along the fence line.  Below is a raised bed also built along a fence line and we like it for the same reason.  There are a lot of fence lines at the farm and while many are covered by trees and brush and therefore aren't visible, there are sections we can see that are just a fence...nothing pretty to catch your eye.
Recently, I've been thinking of taking the tiller and just going along the fence line to loosen the soil and grass, and then just planting some flowering bushes.  We'd need drought tolerant plants of course but I think some Texas Natives would work. Once I'm done with the garden work, this might be the next project just to see how it works.
Be inspired!
Fence flowerbed, image courtesy of


  1. Those orange ones in the 2nd picture look like poppies. I like looking at fence line just like I like looking at dirt. Reminds me of where my things grow from. I have pomegranate bushes around my fence line and they grow magnificently.

    1. Hi Joani! Upon reading your comment I thought, Oh my Gosh... I bet her pomegranate bushes look wonderful along her fence line, so I jotted over to your blog to see if I could find a picture of it... but I didn't find one. Have you posted a picture of it by any chance? Tammy

  2. Love the photo. Have Nasturtiums growing along some of our borders, the trailing variety. It brightens up the border, we get to eat the flowers and leaves and when we need to mow we just mow right over the excess. We also have a feijoa hedge. I like the idea of 'pretty, practical and edible'.

  3. Breath taking! Hope you are fine, long time no see! :D

  4. Oh sweetie, to say the top photo looks like it needs a good mowing would remove the beauty of the grass. I so miss my beautiful fences I had at my old home. There's nothing like seeing Clematis climb a fence and knowing you have the prettiest fences around, and they return year after year.

    The first thing the new owners did? They removed my heritage flowers, my garden, my trellis and all the fences. Now my old house looks like it just dropped out of the sky and landed on barren land.

  5. I was telling my friend just the other day that his fence line would look lovely with flowers growing all over it. I think he's decided on honeysuckle. I'm partial to morning glories growing up a fence line. You guys have so many wonderful projects planned. This will be a fun one to watch! Have a great day today!!!


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