Sunday, April 13, 2014


View out the master bedroom window at the farm
It was a gray and rainy day.  But we got some inside stuff done so that's always a good day.  Moved some stuff around, put up a shelf, cleaned (where DO all the dead bugs come from in a week?), and checked the garden.  The automatic watering (not counting rain, since today was the first rain all week) is doing great and the plants are starting to grow. 

Yesterday was the wedding, whirlwind day but so much fun.  2nd Man's family is SO amazing.  More on the cakes we made later in the week.

Wild Crinum
On Friday, blogged about the wild crinum growing in ditches.  I thought I'd get a better picture.  Check these out!  More bloomed since the last time I photographed them.  As you can see, they just grow in ditches, and pop up all along the sides of the road.

More wild crinum
So many more blooms.  After the blooming period is done, I'd like to try digging up a few.  The ditch was a bit wet today (and possibly 'snake-y', LOL).  And if I don't get them this year, I'm guessing I know exactly where to go next year, ha.  


  1. That may be a drippy gloomy day to you, but wow--it's so GREEN!!!!
    We're having snow today. Ugh!

    1. Ha, definitely the green has returned!

      Stay warm!!

  2. what a beautiful peaceful view! we are in for single digits and snow tomorrow. i have to cover everything!

    1. Very peaceful....just fields and fields of fields and fields, (and the occasional cow, ha).


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