Sunday, April 13, 2014


Once again, a war poster image all about conservation.  This one urges citizens to save fuel because it saves manpower, material and equipment for war.  
I don't see anything on there that is not something we'd all be better off doing today.  Heck, I think we keep our thermostat  at 65/64 during the Winter months.  We do keep curtains and shaded pulled at night. We block off rooms that don't need to be heated, etc.  

It would be nice today to see posters like this today in stores and businesses, minus the war references of course.

Hope your weekend is going well.  As this posts, we'll be at the farm.  Today is check the garden day after a week of having it 'watering itself'.  We'll have to see what happened.  It's also a rainy day today.  Scattered showers, not monsoon rains, but it still limits outdoor work and of course, no 'zen machine' time this weekend.  Boo!

More later this afternoon or evening.  Check back!

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