Saturday, August 16, 2014


Forgive me, just being artsy today.  Took this picture a couple of months ago and recently doctored it up in a photo editing program.  I actually have one of these blown up into a larger size in a picture frame in town.  

I'm off to the farm to mow.  2nd Man has to stay in town and work on some stuff he's been putting off the last few weekends.  It's actually been three weeks since I've been on the zen machine (I MISS it!) and while it might not "need" to be mowed, it will still need to be cleaned up and made to look better.  Last weekend there were scattered weeds popping up and so just mowing it down will keep it all looking neat for a while longer.

Hoping for cooler weather but alas, hoping won't help's supposed to be near 100 degrees today.  I will just stay hydrated and take lots of breaks!

More updates later!


Texas Rose said...

Love that picture! You really have an eye for photography. I imagine the large one on your wall is just gorgeous.
Try to keep cool - good ol’ Mr. Sun is out in full force!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i would just hate that weather! enjoy your mowing!

Joani said...

It's HOT in my neck of the woods as well. Can't wait for it to cool off.

Gail said...

I like cutting some of these branches for a large vase or basket. It's even fun to spray paint them to match your color scheme.

Enjoy your peaceful moments.

FionaG said...

Great picture, I love the starkness of the branches against those lovely washed background colours. We have rain, finally. Haven't had rain in, literally, months and are now expecting over 100 mms, possibly much more. Very, very happy to see the wet stuff. Will think of you while we are sitting around our fire today.