Sunday, August 24, 2014


This is the front yard, which hasn't been mowed now in almost two weeks.  It looks the same.  Good for me in this heat, bad for the aesthetics of the yard.

This is the area behind the garden, it was lush and green a few weeks ago, now it's brown and dry!

The mowing necessary!

Less green in the yard and more 'gold'!

2nd Family calls this the "dry and crunchy season".  And sure enough, as you walk around the yard, it does sort of crunch underneath your feet.  It's an odd sensation to say the least.

This was the outside temp yesterday when we left the farm.  Now granted, this is a bit higher because the car was sitting in the hot sun but I'm sure that while I was working outside in the yard, my temperature gauge was over 100 as well!

In this part of the country, the month of August is sort of no man's land...people just stop working outside if they can, and the plants even sort of seem to give up.  It's definitely the "dog days of Summer"

Hope it's cooler wherever you are!


  1. it's not much cooler here but we have 80 % humidity! it is just awful. the trees do not seem to notice. the leaves are changing anyway!

  2. Oh sweetie I can totally relate, we are just down the road from you all. It's too hot to even go to the store, ha.

  3. Up north here, we haven't mowed the lawn since around the 4th of July. Some of the tree leaves are turning brown and I hate walking on the crunchy grass. Supposed to have some rain Monday AM, Aug. 25. Hope you receive some rain soon, since it not fun to do a bare foot rain dance on crunchies.

  4. Welcome to Texas; the Hot and Dry state :}
    I'm more central Texas; between Fort Worth and Dallas, south of Arlington and our yard looks about the way yours does. Could use a nice good shower of rain to help fill in the cracks that we have but then I guess it could always be worse.
    Can't wait for the cooler temperatures to come around. Bring on the 60 and 70's temperatures; that I can handle.
    If we get any rain here, I will try my best to send it your way as well.
    Enjoy your day

  5. The dry and crunchy season - perfect description -- and sooo true! The weather man must be so bored with the same ol' "hot and dry" forecast.
    But there is a tropical system in the Gulf that may come our way in a few days - fingers crossed!

  6. Memories of our last Australian summer & that looks just like our lawn! Mind you at the moment it is frost burnt!! Can't win.


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