Friday, August 1, 2014


Cattle grazing property
This is the neighbor's property on one side and to the back of ours.  They don't have their cattle grazing back here this time of year.  Because the cattle aren't there to do what they do best, it's growing wild with brush and plants.  Actually, it's kind of a pretty view with the wildflowers scattered around and different colors of green growing everywhere.  We're not afraid to admit that we do miss the cows.  They should be back soon as he rotates them around his property.

This weekend is much cooler than normal, last night we had some torrential rains, 3 inches in town, some areas had as much as 6 inches, so that was good for the plants and trees.

We'll see what it's like when we go out there today.  

Weekend is here, finally!


  1. Such a pretty natural view. Hope your farm got plenty of good rain. Have fun at the farm!

    1. You know, sadly, I don't think we got much rain. In town it was over 3" at our house but at the farm, it seemed fairly dry. There was some rain but definitely not 3", dang it.

  2. It is pretty but we would worry about bush fires.

  3. That is a nice, natural view. I wish I had some random farmland. I would not be able to farm it right now, but the chickens would enjoy the roaming. Oh, yeah! I would have a chicken farm.

  4. I always prefer the "natural" look. Hubby likes mown. You know what they say about opposites attract!


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