Monday, July 17, 2017


For those that saw the post yesterday, you know our weekend was a washout.  But we did manage to get a few things done since I didn't have to mow.

Dried okra pods for crafting
We have been leaving a few okra on the plants each week so that they can dry out.  Why?  Not for seed saving (already have some of those).  These, and a few more, will be saved for some holiday craft projects. Hey, as fast as it comes in, if we can't eat all of it, we might as well use it for something else.

Harvest Monday
Here's our harvest for the week some eggplant and more fresh jalapeños.  The jalapeños are being diced and flash frozen (like we posted about HERE) for use while cooking throughout the year.

Remember the great Alaskan basket I found that someone had discarded?  And we were going to use it for the random feathers we had found at the farm?  OOPS!  The feathers are a bit too big.  

Time to come up with a Plan B for the basket.

Funnel cloud?
I posted this picture yesterday but for those that missed it, I thought we'd share it again because it's kind of a creepy kind of way, ha.

There were funnel clouds reported all over this part of the state and when I was driving back into town, I saw this, pulled over and took a picture.  Several other people stopped too.  We all debated what it might be but decided it was best not to stick around to find out.  Nothing came of it but it looks like just maybe "something" was trying to happen.  Yikes!

Homemade Italian cream cake
And now for something delicious looking (and I think quite beautiful).  I say "looking" because I don't get to eat it!  BOO!  2nd Man made this Italian cream cake for a coworker's birthday.  This is what they requested.  Fortunately, I have had the joy of tasting this when he has made it before (delicious!).  And yep, I'll have to get him to share the recipe one of these days (he's worked hard to perfect it, getting him to turn it loose might require some bribery, ha).  

This coming weekend is supposed to be dry, so hopefully we can get out there and get some more stuff done.  Of course it will probably be 110, sigh.   

Hope you had a great weekend!


Texas Rose said...

I can’t wait to see what craft projects you have planned for the dried okra pods. You’re probably getting plenty of them for your future projects - okra really kicks up its production this time of year - I have to pick every day.
Looks like you eked out another week of production from your eggplants - and in this heat! Did you dehydrate any of your garden produce this year?
That is an absolutely gorgeous Italian Cream Cake that 2nd Man made! I love the way he decorated it - it makes it look even more scrumptious.

Rain said...

Hi 1st Man :) That cake looks yummy! Too bad you couldn't try it! I made a cake today, but it's for the dogs lol...our friend is dropping by with his other dog so that'll make FIVE dogs in the house...I decided to make them a peanut butter/apple sauce cake to celebrate, should be fun and messy! That photo of the ominous sky is wonderful. I'm in love with the sky, even the creepy skies. Looks like the cloud is trying to figure out if the tail will start rotating or not...I'm glad you're safe and didn't have any tornadoes.

Practical Parsimony said...

The cloud does not look like it is or will be a tornado. But, what do I know? That cake does look yummy. Don't squeeze away his perfection. He needs to keep this secret. However, if I were you, I would be asking for another cake, right now. When I bake something I cannot eat, I make one cupcake from the batter with yummy frosting on the top!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Italian Cream Cake is my favorite. My mouth is drooling and I am tasting it in my mind.

Janie Junebug said...

The cake is beautiful. How nice of Second Man to make it for a birthday. I want to work with him and get a cake.


Trinity said...

That cake is BAKERY worthy! Are you SURE he's not a professional???

Anonymous said...

I would buy that cake right now, ha. And you are brave for that picture. I would be scared to death even if it wasn't anything.

1st Man said...

Yep, lots of okra. And lots we miss out on. But hey, it keeps on producing, ha. I think we might squeak out a few more eggplants (there were maybe three left to grow for another week) but that will be it. Didn't dehydrate, we just sort of ate it as it came in, ha. Thanks about the cake, he really did do a great job. And today they had it and it was rave reviews all around.

Colleen said...

Wide variety of projects can be made using okra pods so can't wait to see what you make from them. Painted and decorated, they do make wonderful tree ornaments.
I have been getting peppers like crazy; picking them every other day. The Cowhorn pepper is just loaded. I wait till they turn red before picking and getting lots of sweet banana peppers as well which I make/can into banana mustard.
Longer feathers; stand them up in old wide mouth canning jar and leave the shorter feathers in the basket. Never, ever store feathers in plastic but do watch for mites. Feathers, being a natural fiber, will take on moisture. If they are stored in plastic they can not breathe and they start to sweat; sweat leads to mildew and then your feathers will rot. You can use cedar chips, or scented dryer sheets to deter pests that may make a home in your feathers and ultimately destroy them.

2nd Man; You are Amazing as that cake looks picture / bakery Perfect-O and OH, looks so delicious. ( I do have a birthday coming up in October) :} :}You really done one Fantastic job (yours looks much prettier than the ones I make ) Gosh; you could be baking and selling cakes and turn into a part time job. Looks like you toasted your coconut; which I do as well. Gives for a nice nutty flavor.

Anne said...

My mom and I made Santa ornaments from dried okra pods 30+ years ago...and they still look great on our Christmas tree. We had so much fun making them we never ate any okra..just let them grow and dried them. There are lots of pics online of dried okra pod Santas. Have fun.

1st Man said...

Thanks, it did look so tempting in the fridge overnight, ha.

A dog cake? What a neat idea!!! I bet it was devoured, ha.

I love the creepy skies too, I've always loved a good storm. That tail or whatever it was was interesting enough that several cars stopped to take pictures. Scary skies are definitely photo worthy. :-)

1st Man said...

Not sure, I should send it to a weather person in local media, ha. I'm going to get another cake soon for my office. And what a great idea about enough batter for a cupcake!

1st Man said...

You and me both!!! ha!

1st Man said...

LOL, thanks, I will pass that along to him. Yeah, they all know who ask for a cake, ha.

1st Man said...

Well aren't you sweet?? Thanks for that, I will tell him. Nope, he just likes to bake and he's meticulous with doing it (I'm a bit more haphazard, ha).

1st Man said...

I told him birthdays are nice but he needs to start selling them too. After all the office would have had to buy a cake anyway. The sky was scary but in a neat way. Probably because it DIDN'T become anything.

1st Man said...

Yep, there were comments here when I had okra last summer about Christmas pods and so I've been saving some. Going to save more (seems there are always some TOO big on the bush each week). Great tips on the feathers, and I LIKE the idea of a jar, maybe a nice canning jar, with the feathers standing up in there. Thanks for that!

I'll make sure he reads your comment (and the ones above). Thank you. I keep telling him to sell them on the side, ha. And yep, he toasted the nuts and the coconut. Great flavor (he had extras the I snacked on, ha).

1st Man said...

That's the plan, I'm so excited. Hope I have the artistic talent for the 'faces" ha. Been looking at them online (Pinterest of course) and so many neat ideas. Can't wait!!