Friday, January 12, 2018


So back to blogging.  We're adapting to life with one kitty now and it's a different dynamic for sure.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I stopped by a thrift store at lunch, it was the first time in awhile.  I was roaming around for a bit and found these:

Vintage novels
It's a set of vintage "classic novels", probably made to be books for children to read.  There are no dust jackets, and some staining but overall they are in great shape.  We took them to the farm and put them on the dresser in the guest room.  They look kind of neat all lined up. 

There are illustrations too.  

And inside one of them, we found these:

This and...

...this.  They are two "four leaf clovers" that someone, a child most likely, put in between the pages a long time ago.  How neat is that?

We'll consider them our good luck charms now.  

Classic novels of childhood
I'm sure there were more in the series but these are some good ones to read.  Oddly there was no copyright date but after some Google research, they appear to be from the 1930's into early 1940's.  Best of all, they were $1 each (so $10 for the set).

As technological as we are now as a society, tablets and smartphones and eReaders, it's sometimes fun to just pick up an old book and read through it.  We think it will be nice to catch up on the childhood classics on a cool Spring day...  


  1. What a great find! I love old books and have found some that are fantastic reads as well as decor!

  2. I've still got some old children's books from my childhood. Can't get rid of them now can I?

  3. Brilliant find - and I had read all but one of them.
    Adjusting to a one cat house is very different isn't it? And not easy. Hugs.

  4. I'm so sorry I missed your post about Brisbane. Your words and love for him shine through that beautiful post about how he came to be with you. It's a healing process to share with people who care and understand. Love and hugs to you both.
    Now, that said, this is a great post and you can find real treasure in some thrift

  5. I love books! I found a mostly complete set of "The Bobsie Twins" at a flea market years ago. They are in my gust room as well 😃

  6. I had some of those books when I was a child.

  7. What a great find! I love old classic books and they look so good where you placed them.

  8. I remember having some of these books around our house as a child.
    They must have belonged to my mother (she was born in 1925 so probably
    got them in the mid 1930's). What a shame I didn't save her old books
    - we also had a full set of the OZ books which are probably worth
    something now!
    So sorry about Brisbane. We have a lovely 15 year old cat who has a
    chronic illness and is probably nearing the end of her life. We've
    had her since she was 6 months old - you do get so attached to pets
    and its so heartbreaking when you finally lose them.

  9. Interesting..we had a set of 30 just like those--and the freakie was very Irish and always had us on the grass in the summer "looking for 4-leaf clovers" as they are good luck. She would hide them in things all over the house. When she died I got her old jewelry box. She had $100 and 3 clovers stashed in the lining����. Thank you for bringing back such a wonderful memory ��

  10. Give me a good old fashioned book any day. I simply love the feel of holding a book, particularly a hard cover, between my hands and physically turning the pages. I don't care how many times my husband shows me how easy it is to 'flick' a page on an iPad, I love my books. I don't think that's age talking?

  11. Ah yes, a great find indeed. I source all our clothing and 90% of our household items at thrift stores. I also have an Ebay store to help me NOT keep every wonderful thing I find, but still, old books, always hard for me to sell.

  12. Great find along with an outstanding good price


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