Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm changing up "Inspiration Thursday". 
I decided I will start putting a small comment at the bottom of each photo.
I thought it might be nice to post a reason why I love a picture so much and why it inspired us.

It will still be my day off from blogging, so it will be the only posting on Thursdays.  Enjoy!

We love the idea of the fenced off area with a bench for just sitting and watching the world go by.  Makes you want to sit on the bench with a good book and relax in the morning sun.


  1. I love split rail fences. I still want one for my yard.

  2. A split rail fence? Cool, now I know the name of that! I do love that would be great down the driveway or sectioning off an area of land. And of course then flowers and plants and all that fun stuff, ha.

  3. When blogger had it's problems last week, the comments that were posted for two days were deleted. A friend had commented on this picture and told me this is called a split rail fence. Looks like something we'll definitely want at the farm!


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