Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I know it might be a bit premature to start thinking colors, but of course we have been thinking of them long before we got the house.  Lately, we realized that once some minor issues are dealt with, it will be time to paint and we better come up with some colors. 

We've tossed around the idea of making the guest room a pale, soft, pink (my late mother's favorite color and she would have SO loved this house), the master a sunny yellow, the kitchen a pale blue, etc. 

But then the other night we were watching a TV show, can't remember which one, but the rooms in this particular house were all white.  The walls, the trim around doors and windows, and the ceilings.  And then each room was decorated with different color themes.  We realized how genius this idea actually was. You use the pillows, the accessories, the bedspreads, the curtains, etc, for the color in a room.  Even the fabric on the couch can be used as the color palette.

Then I started my favorite activity, googling, and found that this is quite popular with cottages and small homes.  Of course the first thing, it makes the room feel bigger.  Secondly, it lets in more light.  Since we live in the city and don't often open our curtains, for security/privacy reasons mainly, it will be nice to have open curtains and tons of light flowing in.  The white will definitely add to that feeling as well. 

Here are some random pictures I found on the Internet of various rooms done in a white background with the furniture/decor as the "color" in the room...

These two are white with blue and black as the colors.  Actually love the blue in the bedroom....

When we were thinking of painting the rooms a color, we were going to go with Martha Stewart Living line of paint that's sold at Home Depot.  We been on a quite a few home tours in Houston and that paint is very popular.  Not only is the variety of unusual colors nice, but it's also low odor and low VOC's, and that drew us to it initially.

Of course, without diffferent colors, we figured we'll still need to find a white.  So I checked Martha's paint line and she has white............19 different shades of white!  Of course, looking at some of them, they are called white but I can see pink or gray or blue or other colors in them.

It looks like we've narrowed it down to "Pure White" as the interior color.  It looks the same as the "Picket Fence" color we chose for the exterior, but I suppose it's different in some aspect.  Here's a neat room with all white and then yellows and greens for accents.

This one is kind of cool because it combines some usnusual colors, the pinks and rose colors from the curtains and then the yellow/green of the striped chair.

The blue and white is nice, and again, the decorations, the fabric, the furniture, is where all the color comes from and the walls stay simply white.  I think this will be a fun way to decorate.

Now in some of these rooms, I realize they painted the floor, we are not going to do that, our floors will look great left as they are, the original chocolate brown wood.  But that doesn't mean we can't put down a bunch of rugs for splashes of color, but more on that in a future post.


  1. Love, love, love the green bedroom!! Then again, I am all about color. When we put our house on the market a few years ago, we walls that were cobalt blue, granny smith apple green, barn red, etc. I love color. It broke my heart to paint my walls back to white/ivory. :(

    There's a great line of things at Target right now that would pull in the color for you but still let you keep the country feel. Can't wait to see the progression!!!

  2. On my mobile home renovation, I first chose a sunny yellow with sheer white curtains for the smaller bedroom, and it was so pretty...bright and cheery with its yellow walls and pure white trim. However, it was jolting to awaken in the mornings to so much "sun"! I ended up repainting it a very soft sage green, similar to the colors in your green room above. I love, love, love it. It's so calming when I wake up to lay there for a while, looking at those soft green walls.

  3. What is the color of the wall in bedroom? Where can the curtains , bed skirt and throw blanket be purchased? Love that color green!!!

    1. I am sorry I wish I is a pretty green huh? I just found it at the Martha Stewart paint color site back then. Of course it was 4 1/2 years ago so I'm not sure they even have this anymore. I haven't seen her paint in the stores in awhile. That green is beautiful, I see why you liked it. Sorry, wish I was better help!


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