Monday, May 2, 2011


Bird Nest
Found this empty bird nest (above) in the back corner of the mower shed.  I love how nature and wildlife adapt to us living in their environment.  It's so rare living in the city to see stuff like this.  Oh sure, we all know that the birds we see everyday going to and from work must live somewhere, but we rarely get to see their nests up close.  Here is one that found a great safe spot in the back corner of the shed.  It's empty, but I'm not going to mess with it, I'll leave it alone in hopes they will come back another season.
Besides, it's not in the way anyway, and we think it's  cool!

Opossum Nest
Now this might be something you don't see every day.  Above is an Opossum nest!  Yep.  You might wonder how I know for sure, well, last Fall, when I was roaming around looking at the property, I moved a piece of wood in the old chicken coop/shed and peering out of that little space was a mama Opossum and her two babies.  I left them alone and asked everyone to be careful and not disturb the family when they started moving.  Sure enough, she raised her babies and moved on.  
Sadly I didn't have a camera with me at the time, or she and her babies would be front and center!
Since I didn't get THAT picture, below is a random cute pic from the internet showing another mother opossum and her babies.

Mother opossum and babies
I would have left the nest if it had been possible, but alas, it had to be cleaned out in order to turn it into the potting shed I created a couple of weeks ago.  

Again, it's nice to see nature for a change....
hopefully we will all coexist peacefully.
(Except maybe for the occasional snake, but more on that later).


  1. I have two of that guys coming every night for a feast on my porch. One night I was watching an opossum and a skunk trying to scary each other away from the food. The prospect of skunk using his deadly weapon on my porch really wasn't appealing so I softly tapped on the window and they left.
    My kids love to watch them through the window too. It is as close as you can get - 3 feet away. Opossums got their names: Button and Chubbs and pronounced to be our family's personal wild friends.

    Nataliya Williams

  2. Nataliya - First, THANKS for visiting and THANKS for commenting! We appreciate it. Button and Chubbs? I LOVE it! That's too funny. Yeah, the skunk would make me nervous too, ha. But Opossums I think can be kind of cute in a way. It's great for kids to watch too. They can learn so much from seeing nature up close. Thanks again for visiting and please come back!!

  3. I just found your website (was looking for a picture of Mamma and baby opossums and yours popped up)and thought I'd take a peek. I hope you all are doing well on your 11 acres with all of the wild critters you may bump into. We (my husband, son and grandson) have been living on our 4 acres of land for five years now and are enjoying every day of it. I do hope you are still blogging away.
    Shirley White
    Living in the backwoods of Warenton, N.C.

    1. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment! We are not out there full time yet, but working our way there. Yep, click on the 'home' button at the top and it will take you to the most recent post. I post pretty much every day with something. Thanks for sharing your story. We are so excited to be heading that direction.


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