Saturday, July 6, 2013


Texas land and sky
This is across the road from our property.

It's nice Texas blue sky and green land spreading out.  It's such a nice change of scenery every weekend and my blood pressure goes down the moment we get there.  We're off to the farm today to see if I need to mow, and if not, we've still got some good inside projects we're working on that I'll share as soon as they are done.  I've also got another tree to plant, even though it's hot, I really need to get it planted.  We have some pictures to hang up, and I have a really cool project to finish.

However, change is in the air...or to be more specific, in the Gulf of Mexico.  

A tropical disturbance is coming up from Mexico and will collide with an area of moisture that is moving from Florida toward this direction.
We are at the intersection of those two arrows.

They are saying we could have very heavy rains Sunday and Monday.  We need the rain, it's been almost a month without measurable rainfall and we are still in a moderate drought (and areas nearby are in severe drought).  I hope whatever we do get, spreads to other parts of the SW that need it.

Have a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!


  1. Wish I could send the dry areas of the country our has been raining for days here. Lis

  2. Oh, we, in Arizona, could sure use some rain as well. I hope you get the rain you need and that it comes slowly rather than torrential.

  3. 1st Man,

    I pray you get rain, a slow steady rain. Not the type of rain which floods everything. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Alabama has had rain for 5 or 6 days with 9 more days forecast, last I heard. I will send you some rain.

  5. Holding thumbs that you get that rain. We have also had a good month without rain and then last week we got just what we needed. It's amazing how quickly a garden can recover after a bit of rain.


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