Friday, July 12, 2013


Mesquite Tree sap
Barnabas is leaking.  Last weekend, I noticed these puddles on the ground (below) that looked like oil or something had spilled onto the ground.  Then I wondered if I left the Zen Machine parked there and it was leaking oil?  

But then I had visions of the Beverly Hillbillies, you know,
"...up through the ground came a bubbling crude...Black Gold, Texas Tea..."

No such luck...then I looked up (above) and this is what I saw.  It is where a branch was cut last year and now it's dripping sap onto the ground.

Everything I've read says other than making a mess, it's ok, and it will stop.  It's just the new growth coming on and the hot weather causing it.  Still, it's kind of gross and messy and not very pleasant looking.  Anyone ever seen this?

Never a dull moment!

And speaking of, I'll be back out there today working on some more projects, most likely inside where it's cool, so posting will be sporadic but I'll have updates later.  Enjoy your weekend!

Mesquite tree sap on the ground


  1. Ok, now go find yourself a small locally owned Nursery. I have one here that any time I have questions there is some one there with good answers. Actually there are two, one sells plants/hardware/tools and supplies, the other just plants. They will be your best advisors for your area. There is a sealant you can put on tree cuts when are cutting or maybe grafting wax would seal it, but your nursery could tell you if you should or not seal those cuts. Hello, Yellow Pages.

    1. I took your advice and went to the local nursery in our neighborhood (in town). They said with mesquites, sealing it can seal in bacteria so just keep an eye on it. I checked today and it's stopped, so I guess it's stopped itself. Kinda cool actually!

  2. Seal it. That is its lifeblood flowing out.

    1. That was my thought too, but I'm getting an arborist guy at the garden center here telling me that I should leave it as is for now. Of course, I checked today and it's stopped and started "scabbing" up for lack of a better term. I'lll keep my eye on it! Thank you!!!

  3. 1st man,
    Couple of questions for you. We just bought a 3 acre property in Wisconsin (yeah!!) and I was wondering about a couple of things since you're the only person I know that has a big property to mow.
    What size/model of lawn mower do you use?
    How big is the area you mow?
    How long does it take you to mow?
    Does the grass turn brown at the end of summer and then come back green the following year?

    Thank you for answering. I'm so excited about my new hobby farm, but so many new things to learn. I've always lived in the suburbs on .16 acre property so my world has expanded triple fold!

    1. I recently purchased 3 acres in Colorado. Noticed this afternoon the neighbor mowing (Ride mower) her land. After all the rain we have gotten lately, it's growing again. I say, either graze it with large animals or keep it wild. :)

      You could simple mow around your immediate house if you felt inclined.

      I'm more inclined to not mow. :)

    2. Shannan, first CONGRATS!!!! I know you talked about it a couple years back as I recall when you first commented on the blog. How exciting for you. And you are living there full time! Yay! We're still part time while we 'work on it' but someday we'll be out there to enjoy.

      We bought a John Deere. I researched several of the big ones, JD was the one I read the best reviews about. Another advantage, for us anyway, is there are several JD stores around, including one about 8 miles from the farm, so that convenience for parts and service was a plus.

      We got the X320. It's actually called a "Lawn Tractor". We also upgraded to the 54" cutting deck. It comes standard with a 48" deck but we wanted the bigger size because it does cut down on mowing time. I'm not sure how much difference it makes but I like it. You have to remember though that your mowing deck means that wherever you store it, you have to have the space. I mow all around the house, front, back, sides, and it's pretty large, probably about 2 acres total? I also ride around the 10 acres we have and mow other areas, little clearings I make, trails, etc. Maybe it's all total about 3 acres. Takes me about 2 hours.

      Now I think a lot of mowing time can be dependent on how much you have to drive around like trees and gardens, how far from the house you have to go, etc.

      There will be a post coming up Monday showing how the grass has turned brown, but yet, it does come back (at least the kind we have, which is some heinz 57 mix of farm grass I guess, lol). It's mostly brown now but if we had a good week of rain, it would be green really quickly.

      Congrats again!! Let me know if you have any questions, and if you want, you can click on the 'email' me picture over on the sidebar and send me an email. :-)

    3. Cloud, yep, I wouldn't mind some grazing animals, ha, it would make life easier. You are right, and that's what I told Shannan, I just mow around the house, albeit a LOT around the house, but it's been mowed and it isn't really shaped right to let it go 'au naturel'. However, the rest of the property, except for the trails I've kept mowed, is just as nature intended. I enjoy roaming around and seeing what just springs up, which can vary from season to season, year to year. Oh, almost forgot, we also have the loooooong driveway that has to be mowed. Can't wait to see your property develop Cloud, it's going to be awesome!


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