Sunday, July 21, 2013


Women's Land Army poster, image courtesy of Imperial War Museum
I've posted some of these Women's Land Army posters before, and I just love them every time.  It's neat that they empowered women to do things like this.  The image on this poster is really neat, though those crop dusting planes look a little unusual, ha.  I know they are war planes, to remind people of doing this for the farms and food industry while others were in the war, it's just a neat way of doing it.

More rain today, hope you are doing well and having a great weekend wherever you are!


Ann said...

Glad for your rain...I know y'all really need it down there. I have a friend mid-state who planted her veggie garden in the Spring and between the drought and the grasshoppers, she gave up on it.

I watched the BBC series The Land Girls this weekend...a bit soapy, but enjoyable for an anglophile like me. :)

Love the vintage posters, keep 'em coming!


Leigh said...

I love those vintage posters too. They seem to portray a different mindset, don't they. Always interesting. I love this one because it points out something extremely important that we seem to forget, i.e. that we don't all have to be doing the exact same thing to make equally important contributions!

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

That is what it looks like around here all the time. Sometimes I alternate between portraying myself as a woman on a tractor or the low buzzing of unsuspecting rural folk in vintage military planes. It keeps life interesting.

1st Man said...

Definitely needed it and have much appreciated it. So has the grass. You know, that's what happened with my garden, i posted about it. The sprinkler i had set up just wasn't working and it got so hot so fast, it just got to be too much to try to keep up. So I gave it up for the Summer. That being said, i'm working on a drip irrigation so that the raised beds will work better next time. Plus if I start earlier in the season, I think I'll get them established before the next drought/heatwave hits.

I think you (or someone) has mentioned that show "The Land Girls". I might be a guy but I love a good campy drama...I'll have to look for that, maybe it's on Netflix.

More posters indeed, I have saved more on my hard drive. Truly amazing how many there were. With me posting 52 a year, I think I can go a couple more years at least, ha.


1st Man said...

Wow, you saw right to the underlying message. Definitely a different mindset. I never thought about that though, "we don't all have to be doing the exact same thing to make equally important contributions". I love it! Thank you!

1st Man said...

Mmmhmm, I can see you in one of those planes having the time of your life! :-) (although, is that a tiny house in the background? LOL)