Sunday, July 14, 2013


Vintage War Industry Needs Water poster, image courtesy of US National Archives
Here is a poster, relevant today as it was then.  It's from WWII and was put out by the local "Philadelphia Council of Defense" and urged citizens to save water for the war effort (manufacturing, production etc).

Of course, no war effort today, but the words on the poster are still important. Water, use it wisely!  True, true, true!

Hope you are having a great weekend.  It's H-O-T down in these parts, it was 101 degrees yesterday (a new record for that date).  There is rain in the forecast this week, finally, but we'll see.  Last Sunday's 'tropical downpours' never happened and we are now over a month with no measurable rain.


  1. I know we live in an enormous country but I have never understood the weather patterns.

    We have had almost 80 days of continuous rain. We have run out of jokes about it.

    We're on a well. A well that is not going to go dry for - well - EVAH, at this point. It's almost biblical the amount of rain we have received.

    I'll keep y'all in our prayers that the rain comes soon.


  2. 1st Man,

    Today was the first day we had rain in weeks. It rained all day, nice gentle soaking. I'm so thankful for the rain because we have these large cracks on the property from the heat/drought.

    I'm praying you get some rain but not an over abundance which causes flooding.


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