Monday, July 22, 2013


 Got the new shelves up above the utility sink.
Forgive the photos, using a backup camera today and I don't like the quality of the photos it takes.  It is what it is, ha.

Ikea Gorm shelf hack into wall shelves
Well, on a slow and rainy afternoon, I got the shelves up above the utility sink in the mudroom!  I had to think outside the box to come up with something.  I saw these galvanized metal shelf brackets at the local hardware store.  I liked the metal because it looked like the stainless steel of the sink.  But then I needed to find some shelves to put on them.  The obvious choice would just be a regular "shelf" like you find in white, black, wood grain, etc.  

Galvanized metal shelf bracket, closeup 
Then I remembered Ikea, where we got our Gorm shelving.
CLICK HERE to see the posting when we got the shelving units.  They made 'extra' shelves for them in a smaller size.  I wondered if they would work?  I took the plunge and decided to buy a set of shelves.  The were the perfect depth for the brackets!  I decided to install them using the 'edge' of the shelf as a sort of way to lock the shelves onto the brackets.  I made the brackets just far enough apart so that the shelves "slide on".  This way, they won't move around as we put things on them and use them regularly.

Hack of Gorm shelves from Ikea
Here they are finished and ready for putting stuff on them.  They match the rest of the shelving in the mudroom (see picture below) and I think they worked out great.  Best of all, it was an inexpensive project.  The brackets were $4 each, and the shelves came in a set of four for $20.  I only needed three, but I have plans for the other one so that was an unexpected bonus.  
We're satisfied with the end result and now comes the fun part, figuring out what to put on them! 

Gorm shelving when we first put it in the mudroom
Update:  Here is a picture of the shelving right after we put it in about a year and a half ago now.

It's since been junked filled up, well, it is being junked filled up as we figure out what to take to the farm to keep out there.  Just thought I'd show you how they match compared to the new shelves above the sink.
The sink is slightly behind and to the right in this picture.

Mission accomplished for the mudroom shelves!


  1. 1st Man,

    I love the Ikea store, you can find some bargains there. The shelves above the utility sink will come in handy for all kinds of stuff.

    1. Isn't it a great store? I especially love the housewares floor. All the deals they have are really good. In fact, I'm going back to check out some jars, for the shelves above the sink, ha.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, it's rustic and kind of 'farmy', ha.

  3. 1st Man - the shelves and shelving are wonderful but man i love that sink!!! thanks for the idea about the moon...i really appreciate it! xoxox

    1. Ha, the sink is great huh? It's another one of those things that even before we got the inside fixed up, I knew I wanted it there. Hope you are getting through things well. You'll have J home in no time!!

  4. I'm sorry, but if a sink can be sexy? That IS a sexy sink. ::grin:: and the shelving just add to it's over all allure. Nicely done.

    I am getting so many ideas reading your blog. This is a number 1, A plus rated keeper. Because not only does it look fabulous, I think I may actually be able to do it myself and isn't expensive. It just LOOKS pricey.

    YAY! Enjoy!

    Now, show us a real picture of how filled *junked up* those other shelves are, mmmmm? Y'know, just so we can feel good about ourselves are our wonderful [read: lack of] housekeeping skills. ::giggle::

    Hugs! xo JG

    1. Well if a sink can be sexy, I agree, that's a good one to be sexy, ha. Thank you for saying you get some ideas, you know I started this blog to just keep track of what we were doing and over time I just thought if I could post something that interests me, maybe it will interest someone else and maybe someone can get something from an idea.

      Definitely not pricey! :-)

      And yes, I'll see if I can get a picture of the junked up, er, semi organized shelves soon. LOL!

  5. Awesome shelves and for not too much money. My kind of building. Good time for doing things inside when it's raining and we love the rain. Have a great week.

    1. Always the best kind of building, ha. Isn't it nice to listen to the rain and just spend an afternoon on a project?

      Thank you, you too, as always!!!

  6. I love it when a plan comes together! And a thrifty plan at that! Woo hoo! It must be so much fun to have a city home and a farm house. You get the best of both worlds. I must admit, I'm a little jealous! My City Girl roots would love to have a place in the big city!

    1. It's definitely a plan years in the making. It always sounds so fancy having two places, We always joke about the 'country estate', lol. It's more an old, small, frame house on some land that needs work. But that's the whole purpose of this, to work on it, slowly, as we can, and fix it up so that we CAN move out there sometime in the future. BUT, all that being said, it is nice to live in the big city (we both have to so we can pay the bills right now and save up), and then escape on the weekend. It's also a great place to have as what they call a "bug out" location. In case we need to leave due to some in city emergency, storm (hurricane) etc.

      It's all a work in progress and we are making it up as we go along, ha.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  7. I have utility sink envy. I don't often envy folks, but not a week goes by that I don't think how helpful it would be to have a big 'ol laundry sink like the soapstone monster that used to be in my parents' cellar!


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