Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Remember a while back when we posted HERE about some baby ducks that 2nd Family had sort of rescued?

Well here they are about a month ago!  

They were almost grown up now...

...spreading their wings and learning to fly.

Ducks growing up
...and just generally being cute as can be.  They are flying short distances and 2nd Family fears that one morning they will be all be gone.  I guess time will tell, but don't they all fly the nest eventually?  Until then, 2nd Family and of course us (when we are out there), enjoy their company.  They are very personable and will follow you all over the place, quacking and waddling around, but they never stray far from each other.  Even when they are at rest ,they are always huddled together.  They are very attached. 

And so are we...

Giveaway drawing results tonight!


  1. I just love ducks - I could watch them for hours. Those are particularly attractive - do you know what kind they are?

  2. I love ducks too & these look lovely. What a shame if they fly away, but they might remember all the kindness shown to them & come back to visit!

  3. They have really grown but are still so cute! Love how they stick together.

  4. 1st Man,

    Adorable ducks!!! Ours never flew away. We raised them from babies and spoiled them rotten.
    We had a home for them and closed them in the home at night. Had a baby pool for them put in the ground and played with them daily. Trained them to chase unwanted guests. When we left our home we move the ducks to a local park and they survived well on their own.

  5. Adorable! They look like Whistling Ducks

  6. We have a lake with all sorts of ducks and geese. They stay here all the time. Your ducks are cute.


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