Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  

It was cold at the farm, really cold.  And wet.  Things are finally starting to turn "Winter beige" after the recent freeze and surprise snow.  Took this picture when it was a wind chill of about 35.  

There is some interesting weather coming in our forecast for next week:

Look at next Tuesday.  Low of 25, and that's in Houston.  At the farm it could be a few degrees colder.  It's the kind of weather that makes us nervous, so it looks like this weekend will be draining the pipes and getting the house and plants prepped for a freeze.


Will catch up on Christmas weekend comments later tonight. Postings might be sporadic this short week and longer weekend.  We can't believe 2018 is just a few days away?  Where DOES the time go?


  1. COLD is right. Was 36 deg this morning early but temperature has dropped down to 32 deg. With the wind blowing doesn't help any. That cold wind goes right through a person.
    Good time to stay indoors of which I am / taking down / packing up Christmas decorations

  2. I don't miss the days when I would have to wrap the outside faucets and leave the water dripping in the house. Stay warm.

  3. It goes TOO FAST, time. But I welcome every moment! :) I hope you both had a great Christmas! :)

  4. I cannot get the basement door closed and washer pipes are right there! So, I must put a tarp over the door. It is going to be in low 20s here.

  5. it was -8 here this morning! i love it!

  6. It was really chilly today - and wet. A great day to stay inside and stay warm. I baked some beer bread to warm and cozy up the house. Then made some garlic soup to warm me up and boost the immune system. I am not looking forward to the frigid blast coming in a few days. I’ll have to double-cover-up my 2 key lime trees and maybe the vegetable garden. And probably pick my kumquat and other citrus fruit. The key limes will also probably need a heat lamp. I sure don’t want to lose my garden and fruit two years in a row - it can withstand around 28 but not 25.

  7. cold seems to be the order of the day,, it was 27 below zero here this morning!

    1. And I thought we were cold with 8 below zero, though the wind chill factor was 21 below. Liked it better when we didn't know that. We finally have a little snow also.

  8. Have seen news on the hectic cold front that was to hit most of the US. Glad you are keeping warm and safe 😊

  9. Did you know your Thursday post is not there?


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