Wednesday, December 13, 2017


When the weather is too extreme outside, it's a good time to do something inside.  There is ALWAYS something to do inside.  Recently, we decided to tackle this spot in the bedroom. 

 The dilemma was this.  We have the sitting area (hereafter referred to as the craft area) off the master bedroom.  First thing to do was find a rod that would fit from side to side of the opening.
It is a WIDE opening. tension rod
We found this one on Amazon.  Here is the Amazon link: RoomDividersNow Tension Curtain Rod 
*affiliate link*

It spans the space, has the tension to hold it up and best of all, there is no sagging in the middle. You pay more for them of course, but there's a reason, they are heavy duty and actually work!

Next, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found two panels.  The first set we got were not lined and the light came through after we put them up.  Even though it divided the spaces, we needed something that would still make it look and feel like two separate spaces.  We went back and found these on sale. They were lined and the perfect dark blue for the bedroom colors.  

Room dividing curtains open
Lastly, it was just as simple as putting up the rod with the curtains on it (grommeted so they slide easily) and that was it!  It took a bit of adjustment to make them just right (and since the tension is tight, it does take some effort to make it fit just right), but once it was done, it was perfect.  

We can slide them open...

Room dividing curtains closed

...or slide them closed.

Now we have a way to divide that area off and help keep the bedroom a bit warmer and/or cooler, depending on what season we are in.  

See those open areas on each side?  When we had the house remodeled inside, we had those half walls put in to separate the area and create an additional space.  We also decided that we didn't want them going all the way up to the ceiling so that more light could come into the room.  

Now we find that with the curtains up, the openings somehow seem empty. We were thinking of a vintage stained glass window on each side.  Not permanently mounted in the space but the kind that hangs from a chain.  Just to further divide it but still let light come through so the bedroom is not so dark.

Any suggestions for those spaces on each side?


  1. I like your room divider. Goes really well with your bedding.
    Like the idea of stain glass windows or maybe something like a beaded curtains on each side which would still let the light come through.

    Cobalt Blue;

    1. We never thought about beaded curtains. Interesting. Thanks for the links, now we need to think about that too. If nothing else, it would give us something in the interim until stained glass or something else. Thanks again!

  2. Love the stained glass elegant would that be? That room would be a showplace, for sure. Love the curtains, too.

  3. 1st Man,

    Nicely done! Love the idea of closing off the sitting area from the master bedroom. If you can't find stain glass, maybe consider making beaded curtains.

    1. Another beaded curtain vote. I don't know why that never crossed our minds. Will look into that. And yes, we wanted to be able to close it off a bit, if needed.

  4. The curtain room divider is a really good idea and goes well with the room.
    The stained glass hanging windows will be great. I have a hanging one in my bathroom window and I love it. I found mine in a small town antique store.

    1. We found a couple in The Heights but dang, they are proud of them. Will have to keep our eyes out for a couple. Would like a couple that matched somewhat and would like a distressed, peeling paint kind of look, if that makes sense.


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