Sunday, December 10, 2017


Well after the "great blizzard of 2017" on Friday, we had to check things at the farm. Though the temperature only dipped down to about 31 for a couple of hours, it took a bit of a toll...

The Lantana has a bit of frostbite, hoping it bounces back.  Thought it was a more freeze tolerant but maybe it just needs to be bigger for that.  

The Penta's on the other hand, dead.  Didn't make it all.  Scratch Penta off the list of flowerbed plants.  

The garden though is doing well.  The garlic is doing what it does.

This is the cabbage, each planted a week apart and each growing nicely.  I think they like the cold weather. 

And these are the collards, also doing well and enjoying the cold.  

The Fall garden (as is the Spring garden) is just a test to see what varieties grow best so that in the future we can plan ahead for planting without being so hit and miss.  These collards and cabbage, so far anyway, appear to be hits.  

So at the farm I worked in the barn/workshop, got a lot done but not finished by any means (post on that coming up too).  We also cleaned out the dining room which is a relief too (it had become a holding station for stuff that never made it to the barn).  

Never could tell that just a couple days ago this was covered in snow.  But I'm guessing the grass and leaves are not long for the world now.  Should be interesting to see how much it all changes by this time next weekend.  

Tomorrow we'll have a post up with the snow pictures from in town and at the farm.  It's quite impressive, for these parts of the country anyway, ha. 


  1. Things do look sad, but if you are like me, next spring, glorious spring, you will have forgotten those plants. Oh, you will remember what does not fare well, but it won't looks so sad. My potatoes look like the lantana. I am hoping they survive. I have had plants freeze because it did not take them in soon enough. However, I saved the dead plant in a safe place and the next spring, the plant came back. Hopefully, the potatoes are not to far gone.

    1. Yep, and actually one of those lantana actually came back from last year's freeze. We'll see. Always time for something new in the Spring. Sending good thoughts for your potatoes, ha.

  2. Glad you survived the blizzard! Don't give up on the pentas. Cut them back and cover with leaves or other mulch and you just might see new growth in a couple of months. Most of mine came back from last year's freeze and I'm in 8A.

    1. Thanks, I didn't know that. I'll leave them and see what happens. I'm willing to try and hold out hope. Thank you!!!

  3. Your garden is looking really good. You'll be getting some good meals from it soon.
    Too bad about the lantana and the pentas. Lantana will usually come back from the roots in the Spring. Some good fall/winter flowers to plant are snapdragons, petunias, calendula, and dianthus - mine survived the freeze very well.
    For some pretty green in my flowerbeds in winter, I plant curly leaf parsley. This year I also planted "Salad Bowl" lettuce in my front flower bed. It makes a curly leafed ball and is a bright green. Also some ornamental kale and cabbage. All of these survive the upper 20's freezes that we get. Like someone said, if I get tired of it, I can also eat it!

    1. Great idea about having some edibles in the flower beds. Nothing wrong with that. I thought about some "winter flowers" but since we're not out there as often in the winter, I didn't do it. Now when we ARE out there, we will have to try that out. I'll have to remember this list, ha. Thanks!!

  4. Blizzard! :}
    The freezing temperatures took hold of some of my plants as well but expected as much. Your lantana should come back next year and as for you pentas;Once established, pentas is /can be an annual or perennial flower, so any seeds that have dropped, you just may have some coming up come next year. Don't pull up the 'dead' pentas just in case you have new growth coming up around it come next year. Might want to make a name tag or make note in your gardening journal on what was planted there and not pull up any new growth that may come up thinking it's weeds.
    Your garlic, cabbage and collards really faired well considering the cold temps.
    Beautiful day it was Sunday and again for today as yesterday, we got up in the 70's and today; up to 77 deg. Starting out with 40 deg. this morning but once that sun comes out, doesn't take long to warm up.
    Link to some edible flowers; like pansies are a winter flower & are great to put in fruit salads or in a cocktails, plus gives color in empty bare spots in your flower beds.

    1. Thanks! I will not pull up anything yet. We'll just see what "Spring brings", ha. Good idea about the journal. Edible flowers is a great idea. Side note, don't you just love Southern Living? ;-)


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