Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Update on the pineapples we rooted earlier this year. These were just two pineapples we bought to eat, we saved the tops and rooted them...

Freshly planted pineapple rootings
This is what they looked like when we finally got them in the potting soil back in July...

Growing pineapples from rootings
And here they are as of last week.  They are putting on new growth and getting bigger.  In fact, it's looking like it might soon be time to re-pot them into bigger containers.  We've seen pics on the Internet of pineapples actually fruiting in containers not much larger than this. We have two more large clay pots, once we get these plants a bit bigger, we'll just put them into the larger pots and leave them alone until we have pineapples. 

Now we just have to get them through the Winter...


  1. Dang; they are really looking good.
    I wouldn't repot your pineapple until you start seeing roots coming out of the bottom of the pot and then when repotting, go to the next size larger than what it's growing in now.
    Pot-grown pineapples may mature enough to flower and produce fruit, although the process typically takes two years.
    Pineapples don't tolerate temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so a pot is the only way to enjoy these plants in United States and brought indoors during the cold Fall / Winter months which means you will have to bring them into town and put in your apartment. I'm just afraid it would too cold in the farm house for them to survive when it's cold.

  2. I keep saying I am going to plant some pineapple tops. the trouble is that I cannot cut a pineapple anymore! I think I had one potted in April 2011 when a tornado came through and tore up our town, leaving me without electricity for five days, some people more. Anyway, I was too consumed with getting food and washing clothes by hand, that I let garden things go by the wayside.

  3. OMG so jealous! I've tried to do this three times. No success. >,<

  4. Your pineapple experiment is doing so well! Two very healthy, growing plants!
    You'll be having your own homegrown pineapples in two years!

  5. Have you tried to root celery? Keep a generous portion of the bottom after you cut the stalks off and put in a shallow bowl of water. When you get roots, plant in dirt. You will have new celery growing!


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