Thursday, June 17, 2021


Periodically we like to keep it easy and quick and simple.  During the lockdown/quarantine, we had this often.  It couldn't be easier and now we have it often.  

Ingredients for egg noodles and herbs

Egg noodles, butter, and parsley.  In this batch we added some thyme that we had.  Boil the egg noodles, drain (reserve a bit of liquid if needed), add the butter and the herbs to the hot pasta and stir until butter is melted.  Pour in just a bit of the hot water that the noodles were boiled in to make a sauce.

Buttered egg noodles with herbs

Dish it up and serve.  We like the wide egg noddles because they are more substantial in a meal with few ingredients like this.  Buttered noodles have been a thing for years and are a nice side dish or base for something on top but honestly, we just love them as a simple and quick meal.  As an added bonus, the leftovers could be warmed up the next day on the side of something like roasted chicken or meatloaf.

During the lockdown, it was a wonderful way to have a filling meal using very little.  We always have butter in the fridge, the spice cabinet is full of herbs and we had fresh available.  Since I love pasta, I made sure we had every size and shape of pasta and egg noodle stored away in the pantry.


  1. YUM!
    CAS; my kind of dishes when it's so hot outside like it is now. Sure saves from having to heat up the oven.
    I like a dish like to go with hot dogs or with just a simple Spam sandwich or sub sandwiches.

    Stay cool and enjoy your day.

  2. This looks delicious. And adding the different herbs and spices is a good idea to add variety. It’s great to have some simple go-to dishes when you want to have a quick meal.

  3. I had every type noodle, too. I love pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

  4. My mom always 'toasted' breadcrumbs in a pan with butter and topped the noodles with them. It's delicious. Try that next time, you'll be pleased.

  5. MMMmmmm... buttered noodles were a standard side dish growing up. Sometimes when I make beef stroganoff I make myself some extra noodles for later.

  6. I always like to keep things quick and simple! lol. I really like the wide noodles too. It's curious that the ingredients for pasta is pretty much the same for all kinds, but there's something about shape and texture that makes a big difference in a meal.

  7. Such a simple but delicious combo...butter on everything!!! :)

  8. pure comfort food! I love noodles with garlc butter, or browned butter, or with the "throw away" milk solids from making ghee. I always prep a large amount of garlic butter and browned butter, and ghee in the same day and freeze in smaller portions. We live near am Amish community which sells the MOST amazing butter. They sell it in 2 lb rolls/logs for crazy inexpensive.

    I know when making clarified butters you're supposed to remove the milk solids from the top as it cooks plus the stuff that browns at the bottom. I strain that out and save it and freeze in small packets on the freezer. I't very salty, but has a ton of flavor, so it great on pasta/noodles or steamed veggies.

    I tend not to buy noodles because it's ingrained in me how simple they are to make, though I do buy pasta. One other thing we love to do as a cheat is buy fresh wonton or eggroll wrapper (they can be frozen) and use them to make stuffed pastas, from ravoli to tortellini to pierogi to potstickers. Pretty much any protein leftovers can be wrapped in pasta and because the dough is so thin, simmered in a 1/4 inch of water in a big frypan. I put a little butter in the water as it evaporates so it coats the dough so it doesnt stick.

    A quick meal with endless variety!


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