Sunday, June 13, 2021


 It's been a good weekend.  

But hot.

They are warning people to stay inside or be very careful outside.  It's very hot with our "feels like" temps approaching 110 degrees.  We're in for a long, hot Summer, that's for sure.

Here's what Hobart has done all weekend.  Sleep in the nice air-conditioned comfort of home.

We'l be honest though, we've done that today.  I was at the farm all day yesterday (more on that tomorrow).  Today, I thought about going back out but I was just worn out.  It was ALL day in the heat on Saturday and it sapped my energy.  2nd Man had what we believe was a bit of a delayed vaccine reaction and was tired and lethargic all day Friday and yesterday.

He is much better today.

Hope you had a great weekend and are staying cool!


  1. Taking a day to recharge is always good. And the heat really can sap everything right out of you.

  2. The heat and humidity will really sap your energy. The air just feels so thick that it’s hard to breathe it. Glad you took a rest today.

    Hoping 2nd Man feels better. My vaccination made me fatigued for a couple of days also.

    Hobart has the right idea – stay in the air conditioned house and take a nap when it’s so hot.
    I think cats are great survivalists. When everything falls apart, just follow the cats to safety

  3. This weekend has been beyond hot. It has been so humid I think we are going to need to grow gills just to breathe.
    If it continues like this summer might become a three shower per day event

  4. 2nd Man, sure glad to hear that you are doing much better.
    With all the rain that we have had, and now it to the point to where I am having to water my container plants. Those 90 deg. plus temperatures really snuck up fast; almost like over night. The heat can get to a person really quick like, so take caution when working outside when them temperatures are reaching the boiling point; pets as well.
    Hobart sure does have the right idea; staying where it's cool and taking naps off & on during the day and having everyone wait on you. Oh, what a life.

    Take care, have a great day, stay cool & be safe.


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