Saturday, June 19, 2021


Off to the farm...on a hot day/hot weekend.

We're under a heat advisory and you may have seen the headlines that Texans are being urged to conserve electricity so the grid doesn't go down like it did during the Winter.  Don't even get us started on the political incompetence that has led to this, sigh.  

The headlines here in Houston are that we dodged a bullet with the tropical disturbance that is making landfall near New Orleans.  We are, of course, on the dry side of the storm and so we won't get any of the 20+ inches of rain they expect on the other side. 

I'm hoping I don't have to mow today, the big project will need to be the edging around the fruit tree beds.  Oh my gosh, it is OUT of control.  Hopefully, I will have before and after pics to share.

Fingers crossed that I get that part done.

Hope you have a great weekend, stay cool if you are someplace hot and for those in the path of the tropical weather, stay safe!


  1. Looking at a dry 91° today ... 95° tomorrow ... and Monday we bottom out at 73° only to bounce back to 95° on Tuesday the 22nd! This is in Cañon City, CO.
    And you think you have crazy weather! LOL
    Stay cool and hydrated!

  2. we finally got some rain so thanks if you were the ones that sent it to me!

  3. It's horribly hot and humid here in Florida. We get a thunderstorm almost every day so we have plenty of water.


  4. Ah the dry heat of Arizona... we got 107 in the back patio just now.. about 2PM ... So glad we have AC ... and hoping we get some moisture here soon ... 3rd straight year of extreme heat and dry .... we've broken heat records each day for a week I think it is now, plus no rain to speak of for 3 or more years ... Whoever thinks there is no climate change needs to come here in June!!

  5. Hoping you had a good day at the Farm and that you had plenty of ice tea around. Looks like our rain chances are going up this coming week – we need something to cool things down.

  6. Having A Heat Wave; A Tropical Heat Wave.
    Y'all Stay Cool & Stay Safe.


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