Wednesday, June 23, 2021


I'm a weather geek and with our view from the apartment balcony, we get to see some awesome storms as they move across the city.  Last month, we definitely had our share of storms.  

Of course, trying to capture lightning on a camera is like trying to, well, capture lightning in a bottle?

It's a lot waiting, seeing the lightning bolts and then clicking and hoping you got it.  I learned to put on the continuous shutter speed and take a bunch in a row.

(as always, click any image to enlarge) 

Got this bolt that was far away...

This was a really cool picture, capturing some across the sky and one possibly striking a building...

This one looks like daylight but it was as dark as the first one above.  The bolts radiated across the sky and lit it up but then a larger one spread out little branches...

This one was cool too.  Most of the storms like this usually come in from the West so we have a front row seat on the balcony to see some great storms.

Growing up, I would spend Summers mostly with one set of my Grandparents in Oklahoma (also, Oklahoma is my place of birth so many it's in my blood, ha).  Grandpa was always the one to go out and watch the skies for possible funnel clouds and so I'd go out with him and scan the sky too!

What about you all?
Do you like storm watching?


  1. Such Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Cool pictures to have them mounted on canvas or just having them framed. What beautiful art work these would make hanging up on your wall.
    I have never been lucky enough to catch a lighten bolt.

    I do like watching storms but inside only. If there is lightening and thunder in the area you won't catch me outside.

    When I was a kid growing up on the farm it was a totally different story as I would be out, right in the middle of things.
    Oh, my parents would get upset with me and they would have to lock the doors so that I couldn't sneak out.

  2. Oh my, yes ... I love the thunder and the crack of lightning that makes you jump out of your chair! When there is a storm brewing East of me, I can watch the play of sheet lighting and the bolts of lightning all along the Eastern ridge ... we won't usually get the storm but Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and areas all to the East will certainly get hit when all that is happening!

  3. You got some fantastic shots of lightning from your front row seat! They took a lot of patience and skill to capture. Looks like the Continental-Cullen building is a lightning magnet – it appeared to get hit twice in your photos.
    I like to watch storms also – something about the energy and spectacle of them draws me.

  4. Your photos are impressive. I've always kept an eye on storms because I'm Kansas born and bred. A white tornado hanging in the sky was the most impressive thing I saw.


  5. I love storms. I'm one of those people who run outside when the tornado alarm goes off! When I was a kid, I'd climb the maple in our front yard and watch the storms come in. I love your pictures--you have a good spot to watch.

  6. I do love to watch storms but from indoors.


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