Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Yesterday it was off to the farm and I was able to mow...kind of anyway until it turned into a mess.

I looked at the stats and thought "not so bad" but then I realized how much less I mowed than usual.

Here is why:

Standing water in ALL the low spots...

I did most of the driveway but not the side, there is a natural depression where water drains away toward the road and it was about 4 inches deep with water.

And the water here was too deep to go further than I did.  See the tire ruts?  I almost got stuck here.  I had to push it out.  I had a minor panic attack, ha.
Not gonna do THAT again!

This is the mess I made before I gave up for the day.  Piles of wet grass, deep ruts, un-mowed spots, tall grass in other spots.  It was not very Zen, ha.

I didn't need to water, but I checked on stuff and harvested some things. More on that in upcoming posts.

Since we had to go back to work today, it was best to get back into town to rest for the remainder of the day. I had mentioned that I made two racks of ribs on Sunday.  They are oven baked but...

Oven baked bbq baby back ribs

...they look like they came off the grill but they didn't.  Low and slow for a couple of hours and then 20 minutes at a high temp and 5 minutes under the broiler.  A local grocery store had a "buy one get one" sale before Memorial Day and we figured we could get two days meals out of these.  And we did!


BBQ ribs with coleslaw

...we had them with homemade coleslaw.
It was delicious!

Then on Monday...

BBQ ribs with mac and cheese

...2nd Man made some mac and cheese and we had the other rack with that.  Delicious again!

Now we're back to rain,

The forecast is for 5 to 7 inches of rain through Sunday.  At least I mowed what I could but this just means no time to dry out and probably no mowing this weekend.  It's just delaying the mess another week.  Sigh.


  1. Your yard looks like ours right now. Had a big down pour late yesterday afternoon and as far as the forecast goes; looks like ours here and ore in the forecast for part of next week.
    Wait till about July when we start seeing cracks in the yard and wish we would get some rain.
    Enjoy your day and have a great evening

  2. Your yard is just as messy as my yard. And the yard is full of blood-sucking mosquito-vampires. And more rain on the way. You did the best you could with what you had to deal with. It’s too bad that we are getting this deluge of rain now and we will probably have nothing the rest of summer.
    Those ribs look sooo delish! Yum! What a great meal to come home to after battling the wet mess at the Farm.

  3. Those ribs look delicious! Mine did not look that good. Our yard has too many weeds in the St Augustine grass and has not been mowed. The guy who does it might be ill.

  4. They say that the meat prices will really go UP.
    First the toilet paper craze and now the meat


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