Tuesday, October 27, 2020


This past weekend I went to the farm and just checked on things.  2nd Man stayed town to work.  Not going to complain about that at all.

I didn't mow.  As you can see, here is a good example of how our grass bounces back.  From dry and brown to lush and green.  That's even after I sometimes cut it shorter in the hot months.  

Not sure if a picture can convey cold but the one taken above was cold.  When I got there...

...it was 52.  OK so some of you in other states will laugh that this was cold but after 90 to 100 degree temps for months, our first blast of cold always feels really cold.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt when I left the apartment.  The car was comfortable, I left from a parking garage where it's warmer and so when I got to the farm and opened the car door, it was cold!  The wind and overcast skies didn't help.  

I skipped mowing and decided to edge...then I realized I was out of the trimmer line.  I knew there was something I was going to get last week.  Oh well.

So I just did small projects around the yard and barn.  I cleaned out some stuff, re-staked the citrus trees, and moved some things into the barn/workshop.  By midday it was warmer with the sun out.  The picture above was taken during darn near perfect weather (used my car to bring a heavy piece of lumber to the barn).

Then lastly, something funny happened, well funny AFTER the fact!

So I'm walking around checking things out and as I was looking up at a tree, I came upon this.



I would have stepped on it were it not for my quick reflexes impromptu dance moves created while leaving quickly leaving the area.  But then, as I checked my watch to see what my heart rate was, OH...wait...upon further inspection, turns out it was just a branch that fell from the tree.

Well it LOOKED like a snake.  Right?  Right?

It's always something.
Real OR imagined.  

Hope you are off to a good start to the week.


  1. ROFLMAO. The laugh / joke of the day :}
    Ok, I admit it, it does actually look like a snake there; has the bends of a snake anyway.
    1st. man, I might suggest that you take an extra pair of pants / set of clothing with you next time you go the farm. Someday you just may need them :}

    1. laughing so hard that I forgot to mention; be careful when you go inside the house cause as the temperatures drop you may be apt to find a snake curled up inside somewhere

  2. that DOES look like a snake! better to be safe than sorry.

  3. It does look like a snake.
    How's the voting going there?

  4. i would love to see your snake dance!

  5. The picture of the red barns and the beautiful green of the grass is so pretty.
    That norther that came in sure brought a big change – from sweating to sweaters.
    That “snake-branch dance” – I have done that so many times. I agree with you that that branch does look like a snake. I think it’s hard wired into humans to beware of things that are snake-like.

  6. I am right there with you thinking 52 is cold!

  7. Our high temp today is 30 degrees F - yep, even a bit chilly for Minnesota. We are looking forward to the predicted temps in the 40's and 50's expected by the end of the week. In our small town, north of the Twin Cities, we've had about 4" of snow total, already and they set a record at the MSP airport last week. So, yeah - 50 sounds real good. Ranee (MN)

  8. I would like a sweater for 52F. That does look like a snake. Tommy would be on top of your head or the car. Sometimes things like that make me startle, too.

  9. I would have run for the hoe or shovel. I keep one or the other handy all the time in the summer months! I've done the same with a tree limb or twig for that matter. Well, I've learned to watch to see if it moves! Personally, I'm looking forward to cold weather. I won't have to look where ever I happen to step outside once it turns cold.

  10. I thought it was a snake, so I can see why you did. I understand about temps dropping some and it feels very cold. The time that I've spent in Florida has taught me a lot about the surprise of 50 degrees. It's very different from living in Maryland with lots of snow, cold, and ice.


  11. Well this post provided TWO laughs for me! That "cold" temp and the "snake" Before reading the comments abut it, I was looking all over that picture like a Where's Waldo puzzle for something exciting... then went back and looked again after you said snake. Ummmm, maybe it's because we only have one venomous snake here in Michigan, and that's rare snakes don't bother me. In fact I LIKE seeing them because they take care of rodents.

    And 52 being COLD?!? ROFLMAO! We've had a number of nights below freezing, and a few days where we've gotten up to the mid-40s by mid-day. and we haven't fired up the furnace here yet. We have a space heater in the bathroom and switched to our winter weight down comforter, but I threw a jacket in the van one of the below 30 mornings hen we had an early errand, but I opted to use the heated seats instead. One of the world's best inventions ever.

    That pic of your lawn and barns is glorious. We've had a VERT wet fall here in Northern Michigan, and the combo of wet and cold gave us some amazing fall colors.


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