Monday, October 26, 2020


Well, 2nd Man has been at his new job for a week now.  Y'all have been asking how he is doing and I can say he really likes it.  He said there is a lot to learn so he'll be very busy.  It's the same career/experience he has always had but you know how a new company is a learning curve when you are doing what you know but have to learn all of their systems...

...and their way of describing things.  He said there are a lot of acronyms to learn.  Being in the insurance business, I can totally understand that.  We have SO many acronyms everywhere.

He will be working in the office for the next couple of weeks Mon-Thur and the work at home on Fridays.  After that, he'll be at home more than in the office.  As they transition back to in office work, they are thinking it might be Tue/Wed/Thur and home Mon/Friday.

He's going to have to work from home for the first few weekends just to do some training and do his regular work so I'll be heading to the farm by myself for the foreseeable future.  That's OK, Winter is almost here and the time of year when we don't go every weekend anyway and we want him to have a great new start.

All was not without some drama.
Yep, this is his car.
And yep, that's an accident.

He was rear ended while driving home.  Sigh.  The other party was at fault, traffic slowed on the freeway and he was hit.  The other person was ticketed and their insurance has accepted liability.  The entire lower bumper will have to be replaced and possibly the rear quarter panel on one side.  That piece hanging down is the cover for the trailer hitch.  We removed it so it's not flopping around.  Unclear if there is hitch damage.

Anyway, now we have to deal with that.  It's always something, right?

And since everyone loves a Hobart picture, here he is laying on his quilt in his bed.  I folded up the quilt and put it in the bed (which he never sleeps in but we keep nonetheless) and when I came home from work, he was asleep in there.  Go figure.

Hope you had a good weekend!
Farm update tomorrow!


  1. 2nd Man,l'm sorry about the damage you received on your vehicle. At least it wasn't totaled. Never a dull moment is there 2nd man. If not one thing, it's something else.
    About like us the other day when we where in town. Was driving down the street when all of a sudden our truck just shut off. Left it sit for awhile and then it started up again; thank goodness. We now need to have it checked out. Talked to our mechanic and he suggested something on what we could do so will see now how that works out. Our truck is 2001 and has well over 300,00 thousand miles on it.

    I think the quilt that you put in Hobart's bed had your scent on the quilt which is why he is now sleeping / laying in his bed.
    Wet and windy here and will get down to 38 deg. tonight and cold again tomorrow with a high in low 40's
    You both have a wonderful day and a great evening.

  2. That’s wonderful about the job, I feel his pain on the acronyms. ☺️ So frustrating about the car, hopefully repairs are quick and painless.

  3. hobart is there cause (1) sunpatch and (2) his blankie.

    good luck to 2nd man as he learns his new job!

  4. Acronyms and abbreviations are rife in health care even though we are told not to use them to avoid mistakes. At my old hospital DOA meant "dead on arrival", in the new one it is "date of admission"-quite a shocker to see the charts with a DOA stamp on them the first day (they use bid-"brought in dead"). All the best to both of you.

  5. Happy about 2nd Man’s job and sad about his car.
    Ahh, sweet Hobart – he knows all the comfy places.


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