Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Well, they were ground up and inside an energy bar but yeah, we decided to have an adventure.

This is the EXO Cricket Energy Bar.  This one is cocoa nut flavored.  The crickets are dry roasted and ground up and mixed into a regular energy bar.

Insects such as crickets have an amazing amount of protein in them.  Pound for pound it is two to three times higher than beef plus it has more iron, vitamins and fiber than beef.

Now first of all the specks you see aren't crickets, ha.  Just nuts and other ingredients.  This one is a very heavy cocoa/chocolate flavored one.  I wouldn't say it was the greatest bar in the world but as protein bars go, it wasn't bad.  It's funny how while eating it you have to try to turn off the part of your brain that knows what you are eating.  From what I've read, cricket powder/flour on its own has a very mild and somewhat nutty flavor so in this case, it would have been a very neutral background flavor. 

Fascinating to eat.  We'd both do it again but maybe a different flavor.  This one was a bit heavy but hey, we can say we've tried it and yeah we'd do it again in a different combination of flavors.

What about you?  Would try it?  Have you eaten crickets or other insects?


  1. No thank you. Me thinks I will pass on this one.
    Oh dear, and you posted this before my lunch hour?
    I think I will stick to my chicken burgers that I will be having for lunch for my protein for today. :}

  2. It depends on what form they are in. Something like this bar, sure, I'd give them a try. Besides, processed food safety standards do allow for a certain amount of insects anyway. However when they show eating things like live grubs and insects on survival shows... I'd have to be in serious starvation or survival conditions to do that.

  3. I'd have to be AWFULLY hungry!!!

  4. What an eating adventure – that I will skip!

  5. I might. Where did you get those? For a lark, Tommy and I could try it.

  6. Eeek...I wouldn't be able to! :)

  7. No.. Just no,unless The Change happens (S.M. Stirling "Dies the Fire")

    1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. that series!!!! (Yes, I’m shoutingLOL)

      And I absolutely would NOT be able to eat that. No way!


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