Sunday, October 4, 2020


 Hope you are having a good weekend...'s been a nice one here.  Cooler but not quite as cool as we'd like.  We think that is coming next weekend, but so it another possible Tropical issue.

I went to the farm yesterday and did a few things, watered, pulled a few weeds until it got too warm, etc.  Mowed last weekend but forgot to post about that. 

Today 2nd Man made a big pot of beans using smoked turkey legs for the meat and the apartment smells so good.  Then I made some cornbread (Mom's recipe) and we put the two together.  So good and comforting.

Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. Mmm, that food looks wonderful! I never thought of using smoked turkey legs for the meat in a pot of beans but that’s a great idea. And cornbread instead of rice – another delicious idea.
    Some cooler weather – finally! – I am loving it.
    Hoping we don’t get any adverse weather from the tropical disturbances brewing out there.

  2. Nothing better than homemade comfort food.
    Enjoying these much cooler temperatures In fact today we will finish off our pot of homemade chili.
    That nascar race yesterday was something else and then they cut to news channel one there was only about 1 lap to run so missed out on seeing the finish of the race. :{ Totally sucked.

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks beyond delicious!


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