Monday, October 5, 2020


I always like to post when I mow because it makes it easy for us to look back at the blog and keep track of mowing.  Sure the app does it too but it's easy to look here because I will put more details than I can on the app.  Plus I have pictures, ha.

This was a quick one last weekend.  It was still wet from the tropical rains the week before.  I skipped the trails and the front end and just did the driveway and then around the house and barn/shed.

It was only an hour on the mower and about half the usual coverage amount.  It was a beautiful day though with low humidity.

And of course, just because 2020...

...two storms in the Gulf, AGAIN!

First up there is this one currently a depression but forecast to become a Hurricane, named DELTA, in the middle of the Gulf by Wednesday. This far out the forecast cone is this but this includes a Northerly turn before it gets here that would spare us a directly hit.  As of now though, it is on a beeline this direction.

Then there is this one. Tropical storm GAMMA.  It is currently meandering around in the Southern Gulf of Mexico but as you can see, by Friday it will be in the middle of the Gulf.  From there they aren't sure yet.

So we're not sure at this point if we'll have a one/two punch or if someone else will have it or if we'll have some rain anyway from either one or both...


  1. and we still are in a drought. we just can't get rain here.

  2. Since October is our driest month, I depend on no rain. I vote no. Oh, I have no choice in anything? Okay.

  3. Yikes! I didn't realize there are two more storms in the gulf! I agree about 2020, the year nobody asked for.

  4. Your mowed lawn always looks so neat and inviting.

  5. You may receive some rain but from the news this morning looks like it's heading more towards La. and going Northeast from there.
    Either way, just stay safe.


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