Friday, December 3, 2021


A couple months back, we were looking down from the apartment balcony one night and saw something moving around in the front area of an office building.  I grabbed the camera, put on the telephoto lens and snapped some pictures.

Knightscope K5 on duty

Here is it is zoomed in.

I told 2nd Man, I think that's a robot!  The next day on the way home, I decided to take a detour and at the stoplight I rolled down my window and sure enough...

Knightscope at work's a robot roaming around on patrol.

A few weeks later, we were a a local mall and as I rounded the corner...boom!

Knightscope K5 autonomous security robot

Face to face(?) with a real robot!

This is the KNIGHTSCOPE K5 security robot.  Here, it was charging, docking into a charging station just like a giant Roomba.  Click HERE to visit Knightscope Robotics.  They have several different models, though this seems to be the most popular.  They can be programmed to patrol a specific area, react to noises like breaking glass, gunshots, screams etc, record video and more.  They are not for home use (at this point, cost prohibitive) but wow, it was such a cool thing to see in person.

My inner sci-fi nerd was geeking out for sure.

Knightscope K5 up close

Look at that face!

Well, at least we think that's a face?

I tried to talk 2nd Man into one for the farm but without arms, I don't think it would be much help to us.  Wouldn't it look cool roaming up and down the driveway though?  I bet the goats and deer would stay away, ha!

The future is coming...


  1. I read this to Tommy and showed him all the pictures. He said in response to your face comment, "Or, it could be his ass." Okay, you had to be here to laugh like I did. This is so neat to see. I am glad you got pictures for us. I would like one of these.

  2. Pretty neat. I think we all would like to have one personally and wouldn't even have to feed him / or her. Just give it some charging juice once in awhile.

  3. What's to stop anyone from stealing it? It may have a loud alarm system but, on a farm, that's not going to help much. My guess is that it will get outdated fairly quickly, as so often happens. A drone system with its recharging on the farm roof would be more practical and secure, in my opinion. And greetings to the cute couple. Roderick

  4. The idea behind this is both very interesting and a little bit scary at the same time.


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